A glitch! It's happening to me!



Hi everyone, if you don't see me on hopscotch for awhile, this is the reason why...

Whenever I click on the app, it turns black and then glitches out to my home screen. And, remember when you just started hopscotch, you had to sign up, well it goes back to there instead of home. I don't know what is going on, but I might be lost forever! This has been happening for the week for some stupid reason, but I don't why, has this ever happened to you? If so, comment! I want to know what to do! - Belle


Well, I didn't think of this before but you actually call it crashing


Just delete the app and reinstall it. That has happened to me with another app. :grinning:


But, I don't want to lose my account


You don't lose it! Just go to the sign up thing and put in your username & password! It saves progress, unless you didn't upload your drafts. :sweat_smile::wink:


If you forgot your password after you get the app again then you can email the hopscotch team


Thank you so much renegadeBird1 , you are so helpful!


Did you upload your projects to make them safe?


It works now! Woo whoo!


I am glad you got it working!


Thank you so much! You are really nice!


No problem! It's fun to be nice!