A Get Well Card



Hi guys! As you may know my cat got stitches lately. Now, before you get your flags out. This IS hopscotch related. I was hoping that some people would make a get well card for her. Now, you may be thinking man, she's a spoiled person who wants a card for a CAT. It's just that I care about her and she could've never woke up from her anesthesia. She got 2 stitches from her leg and somewhere else. She could be in lots of pain. Besides, what if you had to get 2 stitches. Would that be painful? (Lol I dunno because I've never got them since I was a baby) anyways... I'm gonna make a card for her.

And if you're still against the idea, just leave the topic. It's not that hard :confused:


I want to!

This is super nice! I love helping animals and making sure they are OK! I write get well cards for my pets and make them treats on their birthdays!


I'm sorry I can't help because...

  • I am really bad at making animals

  • um thats it


I will!

I remember once my mom stepped on a razor clam and got a three inch gash in the bottom of her foot. My dad had to carry her through a marsh and onto a boat because she couldn't walk. Then, she got sixteen stitches. I was eight, that was INCREDIBLY scary.


Can I help? I feel so sorry for your cat, and I want to help her. I care for animals a lot, and Feel so bad when they get hurt. :disappointed_relieved:


I am so sorry! I got 3 stitches before I know how it feals cat!


Yes, you can make one!

My cat is secretly saying thank you in her mind XD


I remember when I got stitches on my forehead as a baby, becuz I fell down a flight of stairs

I'll make one tho! Gotta know what she looks like first.


I got stitches before, but I don't remember because I was a baby

Here's a pic showing where they shaved her

Anyways on her neck she has a little white patch.

The other stitch is somewhere on her belly


She is soooo cute! I feel so bad for her!


I think all cats are cute

Except for hairless ones, those are just creepy