A general topic for why is everyone leaving (tdhd) READ AND COMMENT



It seems like everyone is leaving.
But I simply don't understand why?
I know that some have personal reasons.
And others because their not famous.
But I just feel we are tearing apart.
All the awesome coders and drawers are leaving.
Oh why.
I'm speechless.
This might be the end of an amazing community.
Someone please add the OMTL.
I feel like everyone needs to know.
Please don't flag because i care about our community.


I think everyone should chill.

I mean, we are all going to leave anyways.
If you haven't been here long you haven't seen how many times this forum has been through this, and recovered.
We will bounce back.

If not, welp, hey we aren't wasting our lives online anymore.
Any as I understand that it's sad for y'all but it's ok. You have to let poeple go their separate paths, it's not like we can actually convince someone not to leave, unless they were "leaving" just for pity.

Sorry if that was somewhat harsh it's just my opinion.


I do agree with you , tbh I do think some are doing it for pity.


I'm possible leaving because of things in my life. My mind is madness. Listen to a song called Friend,Please by twenty one pilots. You will understand why I may leave after listening to the song. When you do, reply to this and ask any questions about why I asked you to listen to that song.


This is a great community and even if all leave the forum, we will still remember each other


I heard it but It's how I feel.
You guys can go, but it just seems like there's a hole in hopscotch without every small member.


Like you see the

"I'm going to leave everyone is so mean :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: but if you give me _____ reasons to stayI won't leave"
^ that is pity. That is wrong and unacceptable.

And some poeple don't do that and just secretly hope for pity.
It's practically begging for likes.


Ah hello. I wish you luck as you move on from hopscotch. I too, understand. I hope we get to meet again soon. Heck I will even create a hashtag called #findanikeony jusssst kidding, I will miss you. A lot.:heart:


Pls, I don't like when u guys make topics that everyone's is going to leave.
It just makes me cry remembering my friends here in hopscotch and Y I am leaving. Pls, HS is still going to grow even if everyone is going to leave, we don't just leave b/c of reasons that keep everyone hanging. I made that topic to let u guys know so that it wouldn't be weird when it says that this user no long stays here. If i had really knew, things would go as wrong as this, I would have just left, if I tell u the reason which I left (which I would still explain in details), I can assure that there's no reason that would be better. If u say, u are leaving b/c u want to get on with ur life. I can tell u, I'm still the same here in hopscotch and hopscotch even makes me better. I don't fall back in class or any other thing.
Pls guys, pls :sob::sob:. Let's stay in HS apart from if there's a really really important reason but if u insist in leaving, I'm short of words.
PLZ A 100 Times


Everyone is good at drawing and coding. They just need encouragement and practice. So you can't say all the good ones are leaving.


Yeah I agree with @lollypopcorn
We all will leave eventually, maybe because we lose interest, or because we want to move to more complicated or diverse programs. That doesn't mean we are losing all of our great coders, we are just transitioning to the next generation. If you look at featured, there are so many more diffent artists and coders that we've never seen before. Just because they are not famous does not mean that they are not great.


It's not as if we will stay here forever (sadly). Enventually everyone will choose to leave this forum at some point, whether that is tomorrow or in a year


I didn't mean that. I meant all the people who are leaving are awesome coders.


Okay, but a lot of people say it like that. Unless the people on hopscotch are famous they don't usually get any attention on their projects.


Well I'm not I I'm going now coz can't say it argggh....calming down lol basically POTATOE HAPPENS ANDD U HAVE TO JUST GET ON WITH LIFE..... I MEAN....I've been here for a while now but I'm bored of just scrolling through topics wishing that the peeps having a good time would talk to me or answer when I talk to them... and I'm 13 but I'm starting my gcse's half a year late so I have 1yr and a half to do 19 chapters on maths and review then the same for English and triple the amount for :microscope: science! So I'm hardly gonna b able to even sleep forget iPad time and TV coz ipad time and TV won't exist for me till I've done the exams.... :sob:.... so bai gais miss u already.....


It's tough stopping being young, innit?


Lol I know life's complicated sometimes and u will see me around at times here sometimes for a month then not for 2 months it depends but I'm never really gone :wink:



Got a lesson? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same but I really need help with an irl problem at the moment so I need to talk to you


Loving how u don't talk to me