A Game I Want To Make


Ok, I got this idea when playing a different game (a special mini game in it).
The idea is pretty simple. You are taking a walk and there are obstacles. You must swipe in the correct direction to get rid of the obstacle and move forward. Fail to do this and your time limit with lower. Succeed, and your time limit will rise. You earn one point every time you succeed and the goal is to get as many points as possible before the time runs out.
Now, it's very simple. But I want top on graphics to make this game soar.
I was thinking you were walking your dog.

Things I Need
  1. Cloud Model
  2. Tree Model
  3. Mound Of Dirt Model
  4. Player Model
  5. Dog Model
Help Me With This

What Do You Wish To Make?
HS Username?
Link To Model?


Why am I here again?


@ValueGamesStudio because you entered this topic....?


What do you want the player model to be made out of? Like trail art or shapes?


Wait no it's because I am that guy who just goes into random topics


@Himynameismeredith1 shapes. Leave a trail is impossible because it needs to move.

@ValueGamesStudio okay...


I've seen this game before! You should defienetky make it! It's super fun! :D


Hmm, sorry I couldn't do that D:
I would love to but it seems to complicated.


This seems interesting, i'll help!


@CreationsOfaNoob just sign up using the form!


What Do You Wish To Make?
I can do the player and the dog :D

HS Username? Creations Of A Noob

Can you give me a little more info about how you want them to look?
Should they be animated?


The models should be your imagination. The player could a little blob, or a big blob! It could be Darth Vadar for all I care X(D
You could make the player a superhero and the dog the sidekick! :laughing:

Also, it would be AMAZING if you could animate them. But the biggest thing I need right now is at least the Model.


Do you still want help with this?


@CreationsOfaNoob yes.


Good. Have you started on the project?


@CreationsOfaNoob no, but I probably will soon. (I'm on a vacay soo)