A full guide and tutorial on values!



LHopscotch guide to values!
A guide by Bluedogmc

IMPORTANT: this is a beginners guide. If you are more experienced this may not help you too much. I will make more advanced guides soon.

"Values are really... Valuable"- kiwicute

Welcome to values 101!
Let's get started!
Values help you make games like cookie tapper, geometry dash, and any game that needs a scoring system. You can use values for many things.

First, open a project and make a new value.

Making a value is easy, but using and understand them can be hard. I made a value named "example" to use in this tutorial.

Now, you can use your value. There at two value blocks. A set value block and a increase value block. So for example, if you want to make a tapper game, you would use increase value block. You would do a rule "when (character) is tapped, increase value (name of tapper value) by (number you want it to increase by when tapped).

If you wanted to set a value to something you would use a set value block.

scoring systems
If you want players to see their scores in a game, you can use values! Drag out a text object, and a new rule:

This rule will make the text show the score, use a repeat forever block so the player can always see their score. So, for instance, if you have a rule "when character is tapped increase value example by 1" the text object you made above will show your player how many points they have earned by tapping. You can also use this for other games, just use a set text block, and put in your value in the text area, and put the text block in a repeat forever block. (I hope this all makes sense)

where else are values used?

Values are used for almost everything. Games, scoring, drawing pad, values are even used to do something simple like drawing a spiral.

As you can see, values are used everywhere. This tutorial was completely made by Bluedogmc. If you have any questions on values I will try my best to answer them. I hope you enjoyed this.

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Link to project I made these things in: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xu8w3aw7b
Check code and see how values are used!

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Values are placeholders. They are always numbers and are "invisible." They are only used as placeholders.


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