A Friendly Reminder! :D


So, as many of you may remember, last night there was LOTS of drama on the forums. I almost ran out of flags for the first time ever.

This is just a friendly reminder about how we can be kind on the forum! :D

Treat others the way you want to be treated. The Golden Rule! It's simple: if you want to be treated kindly, do the same to others!

If a post is disrespectful to the community, flag it. You can check out Inty's topic for more information about when to flag! If you do get flagged, don't worry! It's just a reminder that you should be kind on-topic here. Also, DON'T SPAM FLAG. Inty's topic covers that too XD

If you feel upset, get off the forums for a bit. Take at least 15-20 minutes off when you're really mad at someone. Maybe take a walk, read a book, draw, listen to fun music, write your feelings down, or anything, really. By then, you'll have calmed down enough to settle everything in a calm, peaceful matter.

Avoid hidden messages or blocked words. Try not to get into flame wars in the first place, but if you do, avoid these two things.

Step in if needed. If the warring has gone on for more than 5 minutes without a peaceful solution, try to step in. Post something like "Hey, this is getting a little flamey! Remember to always be kind to each other!" Then post a good popsicle/ice cream gif. XD

Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. If you hurt someone's feelings, just apologize and everything should be OK! And don't make fun of someone who made a mistake!

Just a reminder for y'all!


If you're looking for a Popsicle or ice cream pic when stepping into a flame war, I got some here!


Great topic @Sensei_Coder! I sometimes like to stop flame wars before they start.


Great topic!

Sadly i ran out of flags last night ;-;


Are we allowed to use this topic to remind people to be less flamey?
Also, awesome topic!


@smishsmash @KoalaKrazy Thanks! :D

@PandaBlossom Sure!


but don't just spam flag, which I saw some of y'all doing.


and seriously, stop flagging the same people. on some topics I saw the same people get flagged?? like all of their posts were flagged and others made posts that were also pretty bad???

peoples' pasts doesn't mean you have to wreck their future (okay that was dark for here but just kinda in general for things)


Yeah y'all just spammed the flags to get it closed

And giving popsicles and saying it's a bit flamey really isn't helpful. It makes the situation worse. It's plain annoying. And we know that there's is a flame war going on, u don't need to tell us. If kids are already fighting , trying to help annoys them more. Just stay out if it

I'm sorry if it's rude but y'all are very rude and annooyjng about it
Just stay out of it


We want the forum to improve. We don't want people fighting. It will never stop unless someone settles it. c:


Yeah but saying"this is getting flamey. Have a Popsicle"
Doesn't help

It actually makes it worse


I know. Just report the fighters to Liza.


What happened last night? :0
If it's private, I don't need to know, I'm just curious. :D


3 ppl were in a pm yet only 2 were suspended


People are just trying to help. :D

You don't have to call them rude and annoying.


Well it is rude and annoying.

I know they are trying to help but it really doesn't help


And u joined 17 mins ago so u have no idea what happened


This is a collab account
I like you Ella you're very nice :slight_smile:
@Ella_13 we'll say who we are another day, we wanna keep anonymous for now.


Ayeee thanks. R u @KayKay


I know enough about life to say it hurts when people call you rude and annoying for just trying to help.



They just don't help and that's the truth