A Friendly Forum


Hello! This is Crazy_cake
I'm here to talk about making this forum a more friendly forum!
The forum is falling apart
People are leaving.
One person almost left and since then a lot of hopscotchers left or are considering leaving! Your all amazing hopscotchers :D

Lots of fighting is happening. That's not good! Please just stop and think about your actions! We don't want fighting, angry, sad, hurt, or bullied hopscotchers!!!
Fighting doesn't help
Fighting doesn't help you or others in this forum!
One fight starts many fights and grudges against other hopscotchers! People change and we need to except eachother as hopscotchers, and humans in the same planet! I like all hopscotchers but I feel we can ALL improve our actions and how we respond to others opinions!

We are all different yet all the same
We are all different, different hair, different skin, different cloths, different personalities! Yet we are all living together on the same earth! We must respect others as you want others to respect you!

Personal info
- Face as your picture is not ok!
- Sharing where you live is not ok!
- Sharing email, phon.e number or adre.ss is not ok!
We need to keep our personal info safe and secure because there are bad people in the world that will use that info and track you down! Keep it hidden or else risk your safety!

How we can help make the forums a better place
We can all contribute to this place to make it more awesome!
Respecting others, being nice, helping out, including everyone, giving someone a potatoe, giving a compliment to someone, are just a few ways we can make the forums a better place!

This isn't supposed to insult anyone! Have something rude to say? Don't say it :D

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And yes there are other topics but I feel as though I must make a more recent one :D

I don't care if you vote 1 your never going to bring me down ;D


11/10 amazballs


Also much juice



This was SO helpful! You are right @smishsmash! A like for you! WE NEED TO FIX THIS!!


Thank you! @iReesesCup and @ElegantAngelEmily


Totally agreed.


You're welcome, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!


Now I know how @LazyLizard feels! That was superb, 50000/10! Unfortunately, I'm out of likes :frowning2:!


Sorry about your likes! Here's some likes, :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:@KVJ


I'm sorry for your loss, soldier.

*holds out three fingers and holds them up


I vote wasn't on there. This was
Great topic! :D


Lol, thanks @smishsmash and @iReesesCup! I wish I could return the favour... Maybe in fifteen hours :slight_smile:


I personally love the forum but we do need some changes!!


#Bring back the forums

Gravity Falls reference




100000000000000/10!!! This was such a great topic! Someone who might have seen this may have changed what they think because of this topic! And I agree that everyone's a great Hopscotcher!


Why is 46 not on the poll? Well that is what I vote!


I vote a :bread::tomato:(breadmato)/10