A Forum RolePlay


Basically, this is like an RP on Hopscotch. (Cringey, I know.)
There’s a topic like this, but it’s basically dead.
So, make it Hopscotch Related and here we go!
Write down below:

PumpkinGirl : Oooh a new featured project, let me just try out that game…
@SmilingSnowflakes : snow food yum!

carpet: smh :woman_facepalming:


Like what?

Bob: I code pixel art


You can edit it with the wiki-edit in the first post.


I know, I'm just asking what to do


It has to be Hopscotch-Related, but not all parts of it.
It's not like:
Bob: "Wow, a pixel art!" *clicks like
Mary: "Cool! Let's remix the code!"
Sarah: "Wow! Mary's project is awesome!" *remixes


@carpet omg why’d you revive this
I had buried it so well


it’s ok Snoop we can all relate