A forum overdoing excessive ineptitude of behavioural traits. (Transition, change - a necessity)


People are swearing, cheating, personal information shared, no hopscotch.
@Liza and @Rodrigo you have recreated reddit/snapchat, and there is no moderation. Moderate the place and actually help seriously, that is so to the point of uttermost diabolical foul turpitude that behalf on the rest of the forum, am disgusted.


All this forum is, is just individuals breaking rules with no morals, compelled to cheat with such vacuous sentimentality, impetuous foul behaviour acting like immature pathetic low lives, and people trolling to the point of bullying

This isn’t a forum
It’s just a place where people receive their self attentive necessities (more like wants)
A place to swear and break rules, as people are totally beyond an undimensional mess of arrogance and rudeness.
A place where hopscotch is inexistent (besides nominations for featured and that’s it)
A place where I, to the point of insanity and incredulous as it is, dislike this place. No one has morals, nothing here has any relation to hopscotch and the creators have done nothing for 3-4 months to help out any of the conflicts as the rudeness and violence just continuously ascends to the point miles above insanity.

My input

I’ve tried and given it my all, but individuals have thick skulls - morals and important messages barley penetrate through such a barrier.

No moderation, this is really poor. It shows that bad behaviour is allowed - a bad influence on younge individuals and is only suggesting that bad behaviour is okay.

I’m off hopscotch forum and will always be totally disgusted from the graffiti permanently stained on these weak walls.


No one is reflecting on their behaviour, which is just this typical pathetic, careless, mindless, self attentive rude impetuous arrogant individuals who think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Moderators wouldn’t be the slightest bothered to make any improvements which makes me totally sick. (That’s how I feel)

A message to any mature people
If you feel unsafe, insecure or shaken by the forum just leave. Don’t even say goodbye, just leave and go into a world of your own, full of peace. Continue with your studies and do something that is actually important, or just continue with hopscotch.

The forum is unnecessary and shouldn’t impact your hopscotch performance.


No, I will not. I will never attempt on coming back, as I am disgusted from every corner of the forum.

Now, suspend me and remove my account from existence! This incomplete forum shall be reset - people are destroying it, and it will crash, like the stock market. I desire for a new forum and to replenish the incompleteness of this.

For those of you who want to

A. Flag (you are only showing that you are immature, and cannot confront the truth)
B. Start an argument (you are only embarrassing yourself, and wasting your time)
C. Ignore (you must be guilty)
D. Report (I very much thank you :blush:, I would like THT to see this.)

If this gets flagged, (which knowing how immature people are) you are only cheating youselves and cannot admit the truth - you are trying to hide the truth.

[@Stradyvarious I’m sure that the construct forum is so much better, it was great talking to you about economics, but I shall stay away from this forum]

[@Aether, to an extent I am acting like Cyrus, I’ve highlighted a key sentence relating to his idea]

Auf Wiedersehen für immer


exactly! this forum is a mess!! and ya, none of THT checks this place.
you’re awesome, Blast
and i’ll miss you a lot

especially talking about Survivor lol


We should just watch survivor and try talking about it with people we know


i do with my friend but she literally never watches it until i remind her lol

just super glad Bradley is gone


i’m so happy!! i hope he wins

ahhhhh i just can’t wait for Wednesday lol


ikr, someone told me it was bad and i was like uh
stop lol

goodbye blast :(( you’re amazing okay
have fun with that life of yours
<3 <3


No one cares.
I like the fact that this forum is turning into something similar to reddit.

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i care about him leaving. he’s nice. i’ll miss him


science class CER

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Wait what. You mean a lot to me. Well cya in the future if you ever come back


does jordan like hopscotch?


Yes yes I do (maybe)



So many people are leaving… in my about a month being here I’ve seen at least 3 people go… I hope you enjoy your time away @BlastFusion


OK. Good luck for the future!

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hi its 3:30 am im awake


that Hillary Clinton shuffle



U were an inspiration to me.

I’m sorry I guess
Bye I’ll miss u

Bye then, thank you for all your time on hopscotch :(

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