A Forum Behavior Simulation/Lesson Thingy


I've made this interactive thing. Credit to @Anonymous or @Hiimnew for making something similar like this before me.
I like to start my topics out with scenarios. :D
So, here:


You're on the drawing topic, and you're super excited about posting your latest drawing that you worked really hard on. You can't wait for all the likes! You post it, and you see a reply.
TamoTamo: Lol, do you really think this is good? It's awful and I can't believe you even posted it. What an idiot.
"What?!" you think. "That's not right!"

Should You: (More than One Correct Answer)

A: Flag the post and ignore the poster.

Yup, this is most often the best way to get a post hidden. You don't get the poster mad at you, because who knows you're the one who flagged it? Plus, not causing drama or giving attention to the poster is a job well done. :D

B: Flag the post, but end up crying and posting in another topic about how sad you are.

Not the best idea. Flagging is right, but you shouldn't let your whole world collapse because of this. Besides, it's just a random user that doesn't know who you are. Often, someone will ask what is wrong, and you'll end up accusing someone anyway.

C: Tell the poster that their post has hurt you in a kind way, and ask them to edit it.

This is an okay choice. You need to make sure you don't seem like you are forcing them to delete it, and don't accuse them of something. Say something like: Thanks for the feedback, but that sort of hurt me, even though I think you probably didn't mean it to. Could you edit it a little? I think I misunderstood what you meant. This doesn't always work, but if you are out of flags, or you just don't want to flag, it's a good option.

D: Reply back harshly.

Ouch. Not the greatest idea. Not only will you get the other poster mad, but you might also get flagged yourself. Anything you post can be used against you. Remember, Two Wrongs don't Make A Right. Just because you get revenge, it doesn't make the situation right.

E: Threaten to spam flag and report the person.

Maybe you misunderstood the person. What if they really just wanted to give you honest feedback? They might report you for threatening them, and that doesn't end up too well. Also, imagine THT going through all those flags. You'll just make it harder for them, and waste your flags that could be used for other posts.

F: Make a new topic and direct it meanly towards them.

Not only will you single the person out, you'll also be clogging the forum with a useless topic, and giving them attention. I'm pretty sure that's the last thing we all want.

G: Email THT.

This should only be used as a last minute resort, when things really go wrong. Think about how many emails THT gets in a day. If you email them about a forumer calling you "Stinky," what's the most they can do, and what if that takes up the time of someone who really needs help? If you do choose to email, don't post on the forum, Oh, I'm gonna report you and you're gonna get suspended! It just makes everything worse. Of course, you could email THT whenever you want, I'm not going to play a part in your decision. Remember, if it is just one post, but it scares you, threatens you, hurts you deeply, or anything awful, you can email even if it's just one post.

I hope you learned something! Also, the situation won't always be like this.
So don't use this method all the time. :D


Ya see mostly it would be C but sometimes that doesn't work so I use A and if that doesn't work I use D and if that doesn't work, I kill meself


I dont think killing yourself is the best idea, even if those choices don't work.. XD


Great idea! :D

There have been some scenarios that I have seen related to your example, and we need to put a stop to them!


Ya I know people can never tell when I'm using Sarcasm for some reason :laughing:


Well, maybe use an emoticon? These always tell people you're joking.

But just saying something like "I'm going to South Carolina tomorrow!" makes people think I'm actually going, which I'm not.

But using something like XD and :joy: or :laughing: tells people you're joking!


:thinking: Ok thx :laughing: (Nope just kidding) (wait, wha?)


Hold on if said :laughing: At the end of saying thx that would mean I didn't mean it, so if I said just kidding, would that change it to..AUGH


Well, it only goes for specific things. XD

Using the emoticon doesn't always mean you're joking. XD

(I'm going to get back on topic now!)


Great topic @Snoopy! :thumbsup:



A < lol this is answer lol

Great topic!!


I'd honestly choose some form of D, usually replying with a passive agrresive comment or sarcastic comment XD
I know it's not great but it's just what I'd do


What option did you guys choose?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G


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I think that C is the best option. But if they refuse to edit it, just do A.


Oh, yeah. I have an idea!

@Snoopy we should make this simulation thingy into a club where the main focus is to help the forum and HS to be a better place! In the club, members can code projects and do forum activities! :smiley:


I know what ur talking about..
Sorry guys. I



Your on PrincessFluffyCakes(made up name)'s general topic when you see that MairOvDaMon said that she hated PFCs new project.

What do you do?

A:Flag the person and tell PFC on another topic that the project was great

The best one! You tell them it's ok to be hated, and you can hide the post so no one has to see it!

B: be the hater by saying MODM's new project was 2x as worse.

Worst one. You don't wanna be mean, and it can also get you flagged.

C: leave the topic

Not that good. You can't help the problem by not doing anything!

What did you pick?

  • A
  • B
  • C


Votes are public.





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