A few "struggles" about being popular



Hey guys, I am just telling you a few struggles of having people to know you.
1. People CONSTANTLY like/remix/follow you, and if you get sick of checking your activity center every few seconds/minutes, then it's possible that someone sends you a important note and they get mad if you don't respond soon.
2. People make fake accounts that are really similar to your username, and then they say that they are you, and sometimes even copy your projects.
3. Hate- even though most popular hopscotchers tend to get good comments, they sometimes get hate comments as well, believe me, sometimes I receive hate, and it could be painful.

Sorry if you find this offensive or wrong, but all of this happened to me and I just wanna point it out.


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Yeah that seems very true. As Mr.Woodhouse would say "Very true,dear Emma, very true" Congrat to you if you know what book he is from.


But how you became popular?


The thing is........ their is no such thing of being "popular".


But people are always complaining about not being popular when it's not about popularity


You are right, I will email the Hopscotch Team tommorow about not being popular.


Make really good projects


Youtubers have to deal with some of that


Everything has some "small print" to it, whether it is being popular, being a really good singer or even being a really good eater (trust me, my friend knows what I mean by the eating scenario)! Being popular means you have loads of attention, fans and friends, but its small print is just what @Ihasfluffycupcakes said: Please be aware that by becoming popular you may find you have haters, copiers and not enough time or energy to love being popular after a certain point.

I know that so many people on Hopscotch want to be popular and I understand why (I want to be popular too!) but remember that 'the grass is always greener on the other side.' :yum::cat:


Agreed @Ihasfluffycupcakes! I know I'm not usually considered "popular", but I will anwer anyways.Once my Dragon-Pad was put on Featured, I had a like/remix every five seconds. I can't tell if someone copies my username though because there were already a lot of Dragonlovers before I came to Hopscotch.

I had to deal with the hate part too, which was the worst. A Hopscotcher called Bryn:heart_eyes_cat::scream_cat: copied my projects and sent a lot of mean messages. They even made another account to bully me after their first one got suspended!

@ILoveSmudgey is right when he says that the grass is always greener on the other side.


The real title of this topic is supposed to be:
A few "struggles" about being successful.

Because the lead to being popular is being successful.

Just take a look at some of the Youtubers. The Diamond Minecart, Markiplier, Element Animation. They became popular, because of their "successfulness". And yet they still get hate comments... But what I'm trying to say here is that...

Stay humble, you don't need that kind of popularity


I like to eat too : D


fame: side effects may include..... (3 hours later) swelling of the ego, higher expectations of life, diva syndrome,, being awesome, and the false appearance that time has sped up

warning! this is highly addictive!

allergy warning: contains: haters
produced on machinery that produces nut products