A few questions about the editor

So I got 2 (that are maybe obvious) questions that I’ve been looking for an answer for a few days

question 1
The first question is how can I save data from a game? What I mean by this is that when the player leave the game, all of the player’s data will be saved so the player can continue from where they left off once they rejoin.

question 2
How can I make uneditable projects? I’ve seen that featured games are now lacking the “edit” button.

Please tell me what I should do instead of giving a simple and incomplete answer, because this will still make me struggle with these things


Question 1
In Hopscotch, there’s a type of variable called User Variable. Even if the player quit your project, the user variables will be saved so they can come back whenever they want to continue their progress.

This type of variable is accessible to those who paid the subscription.

Question 2
Only projects that contains the Request Seed Block can automatically hide the edit code button.

This block is only accessible to a few Hopscotchers and to those who participate the Seed Developer Program. The next seed dev program will be in spring 2022, but no promises because there’s no official announcement yet.

Here is the last seed dev application, but unfortunately it has already ended.


found some links from around the forum - might help explain some more!

You can do this with user variables - they’re part of the subscription, within the beta editor.

Projects that have seed purchases aren’t editable (so as people can’t give themselves things for free)

that’s what the forum is here for - and as you raise in trust level you’ll gain access to more topics, where you can ask more questions and talk about projects and your coding!



The way I do save data is a bit different. I use multiple save slots so the player can choose one and continue where they left off. This requires User Variables, which can only be accessed via Advanced Mode


Projects with the seed block will automatically hide the edit button for everyone who doesn’t own the project.

To make a project non-editable without the seed block, you’ll need to do JSON editing and force the app to crash if someone tries to edit an object (this is what Awesome_E’s Escape From HSHQ does).


following this

@GalaxyBoi advanced mode is a mode that the subscription offers

and you can access the User Variables that can still be stored when you exit the project


The way you can make your projects uneditable by others, you would need to have access to the Seed Block

The seed block is an exclusive block, so that’s why THT (The Hopscotch Team) doesn’t want anyone to remix the project (or edit it). Also it is a block were people pay seeds but it is only out to a few hopscotchers.


Sadly, this requires User Data. You need a subscription to use the advance editor since they only exist in them.

If your project has a block called: ‘Request Seeds’ (which you can’t get it now sadly unless you are an SD (seed dev) or Yuan Yuan has granted you with it)

Hope this answers your questions

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How can I use the user variables to save data? Do I need any special block or something?


user variables require having the subscription and having advanced mode on (which can be done in settings)

once that is done, there’s a section for user variables like there are sections for game and self variables

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Wait nvm I found out how to use it


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