A featured project thats extremely similar to one of mine?!?


So i went in to Hopscotch, and this is what I see in the featured section:

Not to be confused with my...

My project is a tutorial of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and theirs is... You guessed it, the same thing. The only difference is that theirs only shows the notes, and you have to play them by yourself, whereas with my tutorial, it is more like the common music video game where the circles/stars/etc. drop and when it hits the instrument's note, you play that note.

I am not mad, I am just a little sad. I mean, my game only got 9 likes!! Theirs got hundreds!! My project is from 14 wks ago though... Do you think that I should republish mine? It definitely wont get featured because there is already a very similar project in featured. This is my game. If you want to see the other one, just go look in the featured section.


Invited some peeps- I-I MEAN PEEPOS- 4 halp
i have no halp tho srry


Ok, thank you!


You're welcome :smiley:


Oh no ;-;
Maybe email THT?

Try asking them kindly,
"Hi! This project is very similar to my project from 14 weeks ago :D did you happen to get any inspirations from my project for yours?"

And see how they respond :D
Though there is a smol chance that it's just a coincidence :D


It's not smol
It's not veri smol
this smol :o


Did you check the code?
Is it the same?



very very smol chance, but there's like a, 0.5/100% of it :D


Thank you! There is only a 0.5% that THT would actually remove a project from the featured section. I really just wrote this topic because I needed to tell someone, you know? I didn't actually think that after I made this topic, their project would magically be removed and then mine would get 1,000,000 likes :D


Well, the piano has the same code, only because there is pretty much only 1 way to make a piano on HS. Other than that, the tutorial is done with cough much simpler code.


Your welcome!
I agree they are unlikely to remove it, as that might be a little rude to the creater ;-;

This has happened to others before too :slight_smile:
I don't think there's 1,000,000 active users on HS lol XD

Maybe THT will like it if they see this!
Just keep trying hard and you will get another chance! :D


Did they give you any credit?


Of course not
Why would she make this topic if they did


No. I don't think that they copied me... I am just kinda sad that THT never noticed my project, that has much more complex code.


xD Should have thought that through


If you feel like you've made a game that is worthy of featured, nominate it and if the Hopscotch team thinks that it is good it will be on featured. it's probably better than doing nothing at all. I've nominated a couple of my own games for featured and they got there :smiley:


Just remember you can always remix and improve your own project, etc! Make it different!
You can nominate it for featured!

Maybe it will get featured or Atleast noticed by THT! :D


I'm sorry! There is a chance that the person just made it. There are a lot of piano tutorials on Hopscotch. Hey, great minds think alike, right? It's hard for THT to make sure a project wasn't "stolen". They're busy people!


Wow, i've never seen a self-nomination get featured. Again, i don't think THT would feature mine because there is already a project extremely similar in the featured sections.

:bulb::bulb::bulb::bulb::bulb:LOL lightbulb​:bulb::bulb::bulb::bulb:Maybe I should wait like a month and then nominate it


Yep! I don't think that the person stole my idea, I am just sad that THT never noticed my project. :stuck_out_tongue: