A fault in trending calculations


I don’t think trending is working normally. Don’t get me wrong, I like to get on trending so that my projects are seen and appreciated, not shoved at the bottom of newest.

But… (This is why I am constantly publishing and unpublishing projects) and (I won’t be posting projects that aren’t on here)
I won’t get on trending at all. I am getting about 7-8 likes and hour and a remix or two. (One is from my Xtra account)
I looked on newest and the project had duplicated???
I’ve also noticed this with many other Hopscotchers. Trending is faulty and it isn’t fair. Trash remixes with a like in 15 hours are at the top.
iPad mini 1 iOS 9.2.1
Username: BlastFusion.


I’ve seen this, I feel like a human should choose trending, a trustworthy hopscotcher

That’s why I freaked out because I got on the top of trending because it’s pretty rare


But I don’t get on trending AT ALL. Even though I have more views, likes and remixes than a lot of the stuff


Maybe it depends on the project, for example if it gets likes straight away then it goes up, if it doesn’t it goes down, and maybe if somebody gets trending a lot then there projects will also stay near top of trending. Maybe it also depends on the project they remixed from so maybe that project that got remixed was really popular so the remix is automatically near the top

that’s just my theory also I didn’t spell check


Yeah, but I get them aorta quickly. And I get the same amount of likes and remixes as I did 6 months ago and this wasn’t a problem back then

@POMTL anyone experiencing this?


Can I post another theory or do you want me to leave you alone and leave the posts for everybody else


Keep posting please. I must find out because I have so many projects I wanna release.


Well it may also be how rarely you post because people that post rp’s and drawing are extremely active, that means that their projects are going higher because one project got heeps of likes and remixes so they’re project is on trending, so maybe it’s like trending is reserved for those people for example, drawing pads, these get remixed probably about 20 times a day so people that use that project will get on trending because here’s another example my ‘design your own trail art person’ project was on the top of trending that’s because it got about 7 likes in 10 minutes so people reacting fast, so later 3 days later after I posted that project trending was full of these remixes of the projects, with say only 3 likes, coincidence? I think not! Trending works on a system, so it basically has a cycle.

That’s just a theory....

I never knew I could type that much…

@dylan329 @BlastFusion


I just updated, let’s see how it goes.


@BlastFusion here’s something that really messes stuff up, there’s a drawing on trending that was posted 43minutes ago


Trending is weird.
Don’t try to get on trending.
Try for Featured then you will know if you don’t make it Trending May help pick u up


The system trending uses might be unfair, but that doesn’t mean there’s a bug with it just because your projects don’t go there directly.

I’m also a bit dissapointed because coding projects don’t go there as much, but I think that has to do with chatting people and drawings get lots of remixes.


Guess what? I found a offensive project full of stereotypes on trending and it had 11 LIKES! I flagged it and yeah THT should check the projects before they get on trending


Although THT doesn’t choose trending, it’s an algorithm.


True it does count as an algorithm :frowning:


The algorithm has to be buggy. I doubt the code has been checked for months. 2 months ago this wasn’t a problem. Now it is…


Yeah I always look on trending and compare them to my projects and I just say…
“How is this possible?”


Same here!
I don’t know what is happening, but my friend she got on top of trending by doing something by accident! I think this is wrong, ( I don’t mean to be mean) but I work hard, and just… really?