A Dedication To MagmaPOP



It has been 43 weeks since MagmaPOP left as we speak. It'll be another 9 weeks until it has become a year since his last sighting. I am planning on making an awesome project for him so we may dedicate him in the best way possible. I want as many people as possible to join me and make projects for him.


Do you think he will ever come back?


Maybe. Maybe not. Many have tried to mimic him, but I want to make a dedication to the best hopscotcher to ever exist.


How is it possible to mimic him?
That would be sooooo legit hard.


Ikr. But that MagmaPOPP dude thought :joy:


There's already like 100 topics like this
And he was online and talking like in last December


2016 december? Or 2015?


That one


Oh wow. So he is on the forum liking stuff, but not hopscotch.


If we get a chance to talk to him, we can ask him to talk about the problem with trending


I am pretty sure that he said he wont come back until THT buys him an iPad, or something like that.


Yeah. He seems to be extremely smart, but doesnt have what he needs.


I miss MagmaPOP, he was such a BIG inspiration to The community


He inspired many. Maybe even the hopscotchers we know and love today have got up to this fame because of him.


Lol, I used to think he was a Girl :3


Is he a boy or a girl? I was never certain.


He is a kid I think?


He might be like 20 for all we care!


Sounds like him. Too smart for Hopscotch so he left us :joy:


He was last sighted in December. So that's more like nine months.