A Dawn of the Spam Flagger: A Hopscotch Story that will soon be on Hopscotch, also containing words of wisdom for fellow man: A Collab for a simply incredibly credulous story, all 100% Hopscotch!



I’ll be editing this shortly (and coding)

Our title will be:
A Hopscotch freindly story guide coloring book for the wise: A pleasant adventure of the unscrupulous spam flagger, A story about life long learning and social skills

Also knows as: Words of Wisdom by he Pound

Joiners are welcome to submit all their wisdom!
All are welcome to join (it’d be nice to unflag me, too)

The Wise Counsil contains these fellows:

Current Wisdom and Knowledge, plus Words of Wisdom by the Pound

A sharshed marsh is never harsh

Words of wisdom by the pound makes you bigger strong and round you’ll never need a lost and found because all can see you go abound

A hid a woodchuck in my sleeve, now it is my big pet peeve, I wish I did not call him Steve, because now he won’t leave

A thousand barrels on a chair, all containing all your hair. These barrels stack up nice and high, won’t get your hair back if you try

Well I see you’ve done you’re test, I hope you did you’re very best. If you fail, I hope you see, you’ll be eaten by lots of bees

Well well we all went to sail, a couple of jackets hung up on a rail. We sailed through the hail and forgot about the rail, so we sailed jacket-less all through he hail

Fishes grow a nice big breed, they will all follow your lead. However all the Jeffery’s need, a big fish breed feed in their greed

Aren’t you all feeling great, but you might actually be bait, big toe zippers pass you by. Big toe zippers make you cry

There goes three and here goes four, all the numbers want more and more. Four’s no more than a boar

Words on wisdom number ten I hope you all turn into hen. Please don’t go and turn your back, or words of wisdom will give you a nice big smack


Stop!!(And I am not a spam flagger!)


I never said you were a spam flagger, but please delete your post because it is unrelated to the topic

I worked rather hard on this and it hurts my feelings how you would beseech me to rather unscrupulous claims :(

It is my freedom as a writer to write as far as my imagination can take me thank you


It hurts my feelings when no one listens to me and stop creating spam topics!


I do not appreciate that you have called my topics “spam” this is highly offensive to me, and two wrongs don’t make a right. Wisdom is like a gem out of common stones


I didn’t do a wrong. You’ve created topics not related to hopscotch


In what way? My own mind is troubled by this, please relieve me of it and tell me in what way have I been disobeying the community guidelines


You’ve created topics which weren’t needed.all of this could go into your GT.


Yeah, I agree with @Aariv. Like he said, all of this can go into your GT. You are making very unnecessary topics that are not needed on the forum.



K then.


Thank you
Sorry I was a little harsh in the marsh there :/


You’re welcome. I now understand why you’re making these topics, so thank you.

It’s fine.


Aw man I guess I was pretty mean I’ll delete the post I’m sorry :/
I shouldn’t have done that


It’s alright. You were kind of lucky that you didn’t make me that mad. At least my anger management problem is staying chill for now.


Okeedokey I think I was the one who got real mad my bad sorry :////


Its alright, okay?


Ok, thank you (my bad I lost my cool oop)


You’re welcome. Well, I’m going to have to sleep now. Bye bye, maybe we could talk more?