>>>A Dare Nuke!<<<



There’s been nukes for a lot of things. Ideas, Q&A’s, but not dares yet…
Sooooooooo, let’s start one!

Some Rules to Follow:

  • Add/Delete only your own! Respect others’ privacy and don’t go around deleting everyone. If this editing thing gets out of control, I’ll call upon the leaders or something…
  • Put only the dare! We don’t need other stuff alongside the dares. It’s a long list I really doubt anyone will be entirely reading thru, but still, messages may cause confusion of what’s the dare and what’s not.
  • Be considerate! Like any other dare, don’t be mean in your dares or dare them to break any rules. (Like “Show your face!” or “Your SSN?”)
  • Use this in the right way! ONLY put this list on dare topics and put it in a details folder for people’s convenience. Plus, use the latest as well!
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, EDIT ONLY BELOW THIS PART HERE! This is my post, so I know who edits what, and if yours is deleted, I can add it back in!

All right, let’s start!

Make 5 projects saying only :D
Only use Pig Latin for your projects/posts for a week!
Eat a coded Ice Cream Until You Get Brain Freeze :grimacing:
Make a project in a different launguage
Have a :smile: At the end of all of your posts for a week!
Give a compliment every day!
Follow anyone who makes amazing coding and art!
Make 5 smiley and/or happy projects!
Make 3 games in 30 minutes!
Like any nice projects on the ‘Newest’ tab!
Like 100 projects and posts!
Make a whole project about why you love :slight_smile:
Make and publish 10 projects saying boom!
Make some text art! :D
Make a project about how much you like bananas!
Remix a project about cows and mess it up
Make a project about anonymous bathrooms
Make a project about lotsapizza and then follow her a bunch of times
Talk to people in the hopscotch language for a week
Think of a random pun and then code it!
Post, make projects, and talk to people irl for a week.


@WinningMonkey, I'm pretty sure these are only supposed to be HS related dares.


Well, there are OC's as well... idk, separate list??????????????????????????????????????????????????


@Fishyguitars someone put this at the end of theirs:
And now I can't make it work right....I don't wanna change it cause I don't wanna get in trouble... It's the one that put "make some text art! :D"


Well, those are all right. I meant messages like ones without the < > that are a bit long. wink emoji
Also, that prevents the :D from turning into a :smiley:


*boop like the Geo Dash*



No more ideas?
Okay then...




I have an idea. You have to post, make projects, and talk to people irl for a week.


koooooool :D

You can just edit it in with the green button. :D)


Oh okay greeeeeeeeaaaaatttt