A couple questions answered already😀


I just have some questions
So first off, I see how @Petrichor has the words OBEY ME PUNY MORTALS or something like that, so I was wondering how he got that. Like is it a badge or something? Mine just says regular, so how did he get his?
My next question is that if I do @disc0bot start new user will that reset my account? I want the beginner badge, but I don’t think I have it. I’m scared to tag it in case my account gets deleted.

Another thing is that if I edit some topics name, will the creator be able to see it? Because some of my topic names have been edited but I don’t know who did it…



For the first question- he was able to choose his own title because he won the summer compitition
For the second question- nope it’ll just take you through the tutorial again


@discobot start new user


Thanks! Can you answer my last question if you can ? I just edited it


If you click the pencil icon next to the time stamp and you made the post, you should be able to see who edited what.


Everyone else answered your questions above already, and they gave you the answers you needed :slight_smile: