A Cool Idea For Hopscotch



I wish we could overlap blocks so we could make it do something at the same time without making 2 rules, I need to make it more efficanct!!!!


Kind of like scratch?

I wish that there was a way to copy and paste code from your own projects. It would also be nice to have more notes and sounds, and the ability to have the sounds last for a certain amount of time as well as volume.


@KiwiCute2015 coping and pasting code would be soooo much easier but... they would have to make it for your own projects or you could easily steel code


@SnowGirl_Studios I think @Kiwicute2015 thought of that :wink:


I was just saying......


yes! of couse! and that is a very good point!


We need a z block. A z block should have a little type box in it, like a normal one. For instance, if you typed 5 for one character and 3 for another, the 5 would be overlapping the 3. They really need to add this so there are infinite lavers instead of just 3.


I'm slightly confused, can you expand a bit?


Basically, if a sprite1 z layer is 2 and another Sprite2 is 3, the sprite1 is underneath the sprite2. Then, you can change the z layer using a Block.


You could use bring to front or send to back.


Stealing code is wrong. Asking to use it is fine. There should be a switch or button to tap on certain projects of yours if you don't want people to steal your code.

Here's the problem with copying and pasting code: we would have to type our code out. That's hard. The only typing code I've ever did was Code Combat and using set texts. I know some binary code, though, and you type out binary code.


I meant copying the blocks. Kind of like copying pictures.


No.... What would that be like?


I'll try to explain it better.

At the bottom corner, their will be a little :envelope_with_arrow: Or copy and paste box. You drag the blocks you want to copy in there.

You go back into your drafts and open the box. Then drag the blocks out to wherever you want.


@Kiwicute2015 That'd be so helpful. Maybe it could be something like an ability that can be used for all of your drafts (like the preset abilities but special to you)


So, like backpacking in scratch? Man, that would b cul! (Me bean cul)


Totally! That would be incredible!


I know but since that has only 3 layers, the X block has many


html, Python, c#, c++, Java, JavaScript, Squeak, whatever IOS devices use that is super difficult to make apps in because you can't translate to it, lots o' typed programming languages out there, in fact, 99% of them are, but yes, most of me are difficult to an extent, but I'm learning Python and I think I kinda got the hang of the basics of html, but I have a looooong way to go before I can actually do in a written language the equivalent of what I do on scratch or hopscotch, the main difficulty to a written language for me is that I have no idea how to do object oriented anything in them, but this is was originally intended to be a short reply, oh well:stuck_out_tongue: