A CONTEST!(By TRB)(lorem ipsum)


Whoever hopscotchify's this first gets a reward from me.

(It's hard)
You will get credit on the initial project. Make sure it's in a custom block called "Imperial March-(put your name here*)

*put your hopscotch name there NOT put your name here


I'll try !


I'll try!


I've did this before but I'll try again to make it better :wink:


Thank you @TheRealBlah for making this. This is really fun!
I've already come far :slight_smile:


How is it going for you?


Hard, I'm bad at hopscotchyfing music...


What do you mean with a custom block?


Have you made anything?


A little... I think I won't finish it xD




Like you can put other blocks inside of it and name it.


Okay. Now I understand


You know there are default ones such as "grow" and "change colour"


Just a question: what should you have the music to?


Where I would use it? In projects with a menacing theme.