A Collab Account


Hi everyone!!
I have been bored lately so i thought i should make a collab account
So here are the rules and the form
1. Be nice
2. Be on topic

Will you be active
Will you participate
Will you help others
What job will you have

Ok so i havent thought of a name yet but when a couple people join i hope you have some ideas
And the max to join is 10 people


Things to do
We need 1 pubisher to publish the project
3 code makers to obviously make the project
1 in charge of the account (me)
1 checker to make sure all the code is right
4 people to come up with ideas


I would join, but I already have 2 collabs that I am active on.


Can't understand why this was flagged...


I am OK, because I'm starting to ignore some of the tags from now on.


It was breaking an OMTL guideline. Not exactly flag worthy, though.


Which one?


Are we not allowed to have collabs? If so, Unidonut is in big trouble :astonished::joy:


I am pretty sure you can.
•Do you know


You must have the record for most uses of OMTL
Wait no I think I do...


The one where it "has to be in the first post or whatever post you want people to see". Most people ignore that.


I'll do one!
I will be active
I will participate
I will help others
Checker or coder (preferably coder)
I'm artsy and good at making drawing pads, BTW.


Yeah, but that rule is about the reader not having to scroll through all above posts. I wouldn't say this use violates the guideline. Maybe if you read it literally, though :slight_smile:


Wow only all this time one person joins!
And why was the OMTL flagged?!
Its just a omtl