A Coding Partner



I'm looking for a coding partner. If you want to apply, please fill out a form in the following format:
Hopscotch Username:
Forum Username:
Do you follow me:
Why should you be my coding partner:
How many likes did u get on your highest liked project:
Why should I consider you (at least 4 lines):


I have a two coding partners already, but good luck in finding one! :smile:
Welcome to the forum by the way! If you need any help, just tag me like this: @Dude73 and I will try to help as much as possible! :smile:


I am not very good at hopscotch.
I would join in but I am not helpful


Name on hopscotch: smallest gamer
Forum user: Codingizcool
No sorry
I luv coding
2 likes :sob:
I'm good at coding
I do it 4 anyone
I will follow anyone I know
And I'm very friendly