A Coding Company of the Sorts



You guessed it, it's a coding company. Yey. But we have no name....... Or members............... Or anything. So basically it's your average coding company and everything is explained below

As you guys know I love making everything creative, so people. This may get very interesting. In a good way of course. So the rest of this topic should explain everything.


Above Company Ranks the people who run the company as a whole

President (runs the whole thing) - Bubbles4Ever929
Vice President (helps president) - @EnchantedAnimallover
Stock and sales manager (keeps track of work done and blah) - @Peaches

Company Ranks the people who run separate sections

General Manager (person who keeps track of section) - Nobody
Co-Manager (person who fills in for general manager if needed but not available)
Assistant Manager (person who helps manager and co-manager) - Nobody

Worker Ranks

Workers - None



Workers - None


Workers - @PenguinGaming713


Workers - None


Workers - None

Trail Artists

Workers - None

if you have an idea for a section let me know.


Vice President

HS Username:

Stock and sales manager

HS Username:
You will need to calculate like rates and blah can you do that?:

General Manager

HS Username:


HS Username:

Assistant Manager

HS Username:
Do you make good decisions?:


HS Username:

To Do List:

  • Come up with company name
  • Make Account
  • Get workers
  • Start fundraising
  • Buy more coffee


First like and reply!

Okay I had to.

Wow. This sounds like a great and well thought out coding company!

I cannot join, however, because I am pretty busy. And my parents don't want me spending too much time on the electronics this summer.


Can I help with something, if I can!


Vice President, please! :D
HS username: EnchantedHopscotcher


Fill out a form if you want to join


I want to do something but I don't know what to do


Wait, so this is a collab where we code all sorts of things?


It's a company

Different from a collab


I don't get it....

Sorry if I'm annoying! XD


Can I be stocks and sales manager??
He user: peaches~:heart:
Will I: yesss


(If your wondering I just added some tags 1) to help the search function and 2) because I wanted to test that regular ability :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you don't mind, I can't change it back if you want :D


It's fine. Thanks!


Section: Music
HS Username: TickleMePenguin


Ok people let's get to work.

First thing we need to do is come up with a company name.



Serious names or funny?

Temmy Time
Chakin and Co.

Bubbles and Co.
Coders Unite


What about Temmie Studios?

  • Yes
  • No



Is anyone still gonna do this?