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i completely understand, and i’m sorry for your situation. if it’s any comfort, i’m in the same spot too; i can’t talk about any identity i have and in my classrooms people will actively make fun of transgender people and gay people. there’s unfortunately a lot of awful places and awful people in this world, but you gotta hold it out. there are places that accept you waiting further into your life, there are people that love you in the future. you’re a gift to this world don’t waste yourself.


I love this sentence


For me everybodys in that awkward grey zone.


Like they all dont straight out hate gay people but at the same time im nervous


Wow, that’s a lot. Thanks.

I do want to be in a place where everyone is free to be themselves and nobody makes fun of you for what can’t control.


Once my family was playing a board game for our first time there all these different families you could play and each had a different color but my mom said that “there is one red family, one orange family, one yellow family, one green family, one blue, and one purple” and I almost said “and together they all make one big gay family” but quickly decided against it.


Lol that is funny. Don’t say that though or u might get in trouble


Yeah I get that. One of the most popular kids in my grade is openly g ay, but I’m just worried that they won’t except a fr eak like me…


You’re not a fre ak Apricity.


Yes I am…
Don’t argue, I am.


No you’re not.

I will argue. Fite me. You’re speak and worth it and are not a fre am and don’t you dare say otherwise child


I will say otherwise, cuz it’s true. I’m a fr e a k

Also if CoM and you guys are ok with it, could I join your server to help CoM?


No you’re not a fre ak.

CoM wanted to ask Fea for personal help about something. Even I don’t know what it is so yeah.

Also lgb(o)t. My gt? I’ll tag u ig

Metal is awesome so come join A_Metalhead in his GT

Peak Internalized Homophobia is me in eight grade deciding to stop doodling girls everywhere bc people might think I was gay. Honey do I have news for you!


I think one of the Top Ten Most Extreme moods was middle school me going to YouTube and watching as many Beyoncé or shakira or whomever music videos because I was so entranced by all these beautiful women, and then firmly reminding myself that even though this behavior may seem like I am gay I am actually very straight, despite no evidence supporting that conclusion


i was realtively Straight until i saw this one girl and i just.



Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, I present to you


Take me home
To the place
I belooooooong!


So i have a problem. I really like this girl i’m friends with irl, but she already likes someone else. I don’t know how she’ll react to me telling her, but i also don’t want to ruin our friendship. I’m not 100% sure about her se.xuality tho.

what do i do???


Hmm yeah I’m not sure…
Maybe you could keep dropping hints or something and see if she gets it? Or you could first try to confirm her sexuaIity…

Or both. or neither.

Idk I’m really ad at giving advice and that doesn’t sound like a very fun situation to be in…

@apricity get on the wbf