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nah my post got taken down probably by mods since it was ‘communication outside the forum’ or something


Oh really? Oooofff.

What even was it tho? A docs link or something?


i just asked if we should make a group chat


Oh oof okay.
I don’t see a reason for that to be taken down but okey


Who else is closeted and goes to a homophobic school?


So ,., not to name any names but someone on tankts gt keeps misgendering someone on purpose and we’ve told him a bunch of times to stop but he hasn’t.
If anyone feels like jumping in and helping defend people not being purposefully misgendered, please jump in.

Here’s a link.

Also, shoutout to @Apricity and @tankt2016 for saying something about it


Sigh I strongly dis like when trying things like this happens. It starts flame wars (on both sides) and just messes everything up… Da ng nabbits filt er


thanks 6… of course i’m going to help fea and you!


Okay so my dad knows I’m gaye lol we were talking about highschool and and he was saying how there’s usually at least one LGTBplus kid in the grade and I said me and he’s like yeah



That’s a great way to ‘come out’ tho hah


Yeah I come out a lot in a very random way whenever I can fit it into the conversation lol


gUYS go watch firebringer it’s sO BI and sO GOOD


I mean they do say “the f word” a lot so maybe I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone here


so i think i’m gende.rfluid, and i want to come out but i’m scared to, and also i have a bf now and i don’t want him to hat.e me…


I’d help but I really don’t know how to and your bf complicates stuff a bit.
I’ll be here for you and be your friend either way tho


it feels like if i don’t tell people i’m lying to them tho…


Yeah I kinda get that feeling.
But that’s basically what’s being closeted is I guess. Just not telling people who you really are. If it makes you feel better, consider it as simply hiding part of who you are until you’re 100% comfortable with it and not as a lie.


guys so i think i may be gende.rfluid, and i want to come out but i’m scared and i also have a bf now and he’ll probably hate me but it feels like if i don’t tell people i’m lying to then


if you don’t tell people because you’re scared, you are not at all lying to them. you have every right to protect secrets, you have every right to be closeted, and you have every right to be hidden. i’m genderfluid/trans too, and sometimes it is scary.
if you don’t come out because you’re scared, that’s because those people around you seem unaccepting (which sucks, i’m sorry). those people not knowing you’re genderfluid isn’t your fault; it’s theirs, for not being there for you when you need them


There is no way that I can come out to the people in my school. Only my best friend knows that I’m lesbian. If anyone else knows, we would be ridiculed, harassed, called names, etc. I have to ensure my own safety and my friend’s as well.