A Coding Club and Safe Place 🌈



Yeah, I think I’ll jus see how I feel when I’m there and see if it feels right


As always, I would recommend simply testing the waters by bringing up just the topic of lgtb to see how comfortable and/or approving they are regarding it. Mostly this is just to see if they’re like, violently homophobic or something so if u already know they would only be mildly shocked/forced to reconcile themselves with the legitimate existence of not straight people around them, feel free to bypass this ;))


Today a new cat came outside (how most stories start yes) and me and my sister were looking at it and my brother asks if it’s black and we’re like yeah and then he asked if it was straight and I said no it’s gáy and he was like no I mean like straight-up black (Idk how he thought that would make sense but lol) and my sister was like no it’s straight up gáy and then I kind of yelled I’m straight up gay and no one reacted I’m

Btw my parents were in the room too


hey i just discovered this rad belt thing that i found at a thrift store once and had shoved to the back of my drawer

edit: it’s not actually a belt it’s like a luggage tag or something but i’m using it as one>:))


as ilc said i would probably bring up the topic to see how she feels about it before you tell her, if you decide to

if she sounds a little iffy about it you might not wanna tell her but since you’re best friends i hope she’ll be supportive of you, and if not then she doesn’t deserve you<33


Ok between This & the barrettes? Icon :heartpulse::cupid::sparkling_heart::blue_heart::+1::heartpulse:


dude :pensive::revolving_hearts:


this frekaing GirL keeps BEING THERE shes just THERE and im like oH oKaY and i kEEP NOTICING THE FACT THAT SHE IS THERE i was LITERALLY SITTING WITH MY FRIEDS and she was like oVeR tHerE and i just oh wOW shes so close BUT SHE WASNT and i dont know why i was AwARe of the FACt that she was thE+RE shes like ATTENTIOn and i keep PAayinG attention to Her and i keep loOKkING AT HER but she iS NEVER THERE DURING LUNhC or anutyyhing exCEpt for OncE and i LOooKEd AT HER and she MIGHT HAVE SEEN ME SEEING HER but I DON’T KNOW and aAaaAhhhgGG AND i didn’t even find her attractive i tHOUGHT ew but tURnS oUT my brain DOES NOT want to be chill anymore AND IS GRADUALLY GOING INSANE so here i am aaaand

edit: ok i wrote this a few minutes ago and i still don’t know what was going through my head but it’s just so funny




This is absolutely incomprehensible hdjhdhsksk


a gay constant mood


!!!i know


@itzmya @chickengirl i have no idea what was going on


Guess who’s jealous?




I remember coming out to my best friend and I swear it was so terrifying that I shivered. We were watching a film together and it took me a lot of courage to say “Lyn, I’m lesbian”. Luckily, she didn’t care and said she would always support me and the community. I was so happy and I cried a little.

Those memories are so vivid.


um hey @a_metalhead could we maybe change the name to the lgbt coding club part 6, since that’s what the previous topic was called, and we sort of need consistency (unless there was a reason we didn’t use it?)


Yeah maybe.
Idk fearless said that they just used ACaSP because you couldn’t use Igbt or anything in the topic title and all of the topics called Igbt got spamflagged and closed and stuff. I’ll ask them what they think but until then could we do a poll and see what everyone else thinks?

Topic Title Poll

  • A Coding Club And Safe Place
  • Igbt Coding Club Take 6
  • Other (reply)

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I like the safe place part the most


Yeah agreed.
It kinda makes it some a bit more welcoming and accepting and stuff I guess