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@grizzlyzoe look at poems by Arthur Rimbaud he was a huge gay

turns out this ACTUALLY happened THOUGH in throam ryan wrote this song called 708 and he quoted a Gay Poem in it i’m pretty sure


I wouldn’t hate you because you seem like a really nice person. As a long time closeted lesbian, I thank you for your support.


oof was this filtered


I want to know what is your favorite color?





  • Rainbow
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Primary colors
  • Secondary colors
  • Tertiary colors
  • Other

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Something ticked me off today.

So there’s this girl in our class who’s an attention-craving fr .ea. K, and today we had all asked each other this question, ‘Who would you date?’.
She went first and she was like “I want to be a lesbian so I can date girls, but I only like boys, but I want to be lesbian! I wish I was a lesbian!”

I don’t know if this could be a sign that she is closeted, but I took this as an offense. The way she was talking about it was like she thought people choose to be lesbians and gays. I wanted to state this point, but I kept quiet due to my own personal problems with this girl.

Thanks to that, the entire group went into full-on homophobia mode, talking about how lesbian nd gay people are disgusting, and I couldn’t do anything about it.


yeesh that sounds bad

depending on the age your friend could be going through the ‘i hate boys’ stage but considering the other’s reactions…idk sounds like she doesnt respect gay people


Someone: Hey Len-
Me: jumps Yes? Do u need help? Do you want


My heart when someone calls me by my name and uses the right pronouns: :two_hearts::two_hearts::heart_eyes::sunglasses::trumpet::monkey::monkey::monkey:


CoM’s many LGBTQ+ things lol

One situation

I was at my brother’s friend’s birthday party, and we were eating these yummy cupcakes. One guy had a tie on, and one boy(He is a 100% Christan, used to be nice before he b e t r a y e d me) said to take it off. The person with the tie said why, the other person said “Dude, it’s so Gay.” All of us said “your’e so wrong” or “crossed the line dude”
Is that a good way to handle it?


I don’t like the “girl” status. I mean, it’s annoying that the girls don’t get pucked when the teachers need. boy to stack boxes, hand out paper, etc.
I also really want people to start calling me they, but nobody listens…

Also, if I don’t have any romantic feelings, or s e x u a l feeling/urge, am I ace?


Aromantic (Aro) is when you don’t have any desire for romance and Asexual (ace) is when you don’t have any desire for anything sexu.al


Yeah you guys handled it fine I think

Not necesarily, but maybe.
You’re still super young though so it might change. If you want you can call it ace/aro for now I guess


So, I have a problemo.

I have a best friend, and we are very very close.
I mean, she understands me.
I’m Aro, so I don’t have romantic feelings for anybody, but more than friends.
Like more than best friends
She doesn’t know tho…
1 What should I call it, more then friends but less than romantic?
2. Should I tell her?



One great thing-

I study in an all girls, 6th grade and I like playing truth or da re. I’ve got an amazing class I think. So some1 asked me who my 1st c r u s h was. I didn’t say anything. She said, ok , male or female?

I was beaming inside.


I’m having a sleepover with my best friend tonight. Should I tell her I’m bi? I’m not sure if I’m ready to tell her or my other friends. She can be a little judgmental sometimes but I think she would just be more shocked than anything. I’m just worried it would make things weird between us.
Should I tell my best friend I’m bi? If so, any advice for me?

  • Yes
  • No

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Well, how would they be shocked?
I mean, just tell them maybe and don’t mention it, or say what do you think?
I’m bad at advice lmao


It’s not up to us to make the choice for you, the only reason you should come out is if you’re comfortable doing so.