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“Sorry bro. Y’know this is the one thing I can’t tolerate trolling on. But thanks. Go troll my gt or something instead” -fp


Dont know why this is a thing now but it is so here ig


"Maybe. There’s really no rush though. Figure out what skin you’d feel most comfortable in and then worry about being accepted. Me personally, I feel like you shouldn’t force yourself to be someone you’re no that’s because of society. It’s nice to know that they do and that they’ll feel the same no matter what you were, but that’s probably not going to always happen. If they accept other gáy people, that’s really good because it’s more likely that you’ll be accepted openly.
Some people might need some time to the idea tho, and I guess that’s really understandable. Their acceptance might come more gradually, but it’ll come.
And then there’ll be the people that just won’t be able to accept/support you. Don’t think about what’s they say. Think of that as you figuring out who your real friends are and getting rid of the ones that’ll try to bring you down.

Don’t know if that helped (don’t think it did?) and I probabaly went off on a tangent and made people confused but that’s that I guess.

Sorry for the late reply, your thing kinda got lost in the Petrichor stuff :sweat_smile:

Lemme know if there’s anything else I can do for you friendo"



aww thanks :3
i’m really confused, like sometimes i feel like i like being a girl, and sometimes i’m neither, and other times i wanna be a boy. so idk. like i like being a girl who likes ‘boy stuff’ but i also don’t like being seen as weak because of my gender, and sometimes i just don’t feel like a girl or a boy or anything. i feel like people would see me how i want to be seen, not as weak, if i was a boy, but at the same time i feel like a girl too, and also sometimes not entirely either and idek anymore i’m so confuseddd


"No prob

Yeah no I totally get that. I feel like if my personality wasn’t a giant factor, I’d probably be feeling the exact same way as you (except fro the fact that i’m not a she).
Personality being a factor, I guess it just depends on what kind of a person you are. I wouldn’t go through the whole weak thing because I’ve already proven time and again that I’m not, people know to not mess with me. But if you were born a guy I guess you probably wouldn’t have to go through that cycle of proving yourself because of societies gender stereotypes.
But even if you did tráns, you’d have to prove yourself for the same reason.

This stuff is actually super confusing, and all I can say I say give it time I guess."



contrapoints is frickin epic


hey listen

it’s completely fine to express your gender in whatever way feels best for You. even if that morphs or changes over time. there’s no rush to figure it out now, and you don’t have to listen to people who try to bring you down. just do your own thing and you gotta be strong

like if you would feel more comfortable with short hair? cut your hair

go for it, if you feel more feminine one day Express That In Whatever Way You Want because you’re You

and even if at the end of the day you figure our you’re just cis, hey, at least you went through this experience and discovered a part of yourself and we’ll support you no matter what<33


what you’re describing also sounds like you might be genderfluid but that’s up for you to decide



Adding on to the bit about comfort – how you look really doesn’t have anything to do with your gender; I’m a he and I have seriously long hair. That’s what flies with me, but that’s doesn’t mean that I’m a she just cuz I might look like it sometimes (I don’t think I do but some people might??)

Kinda irrelevant atm but:

The thing I like the most about the Igbt community is that everyone is super openminded and will accept you no matter what; whether your a part of it, an ally or just someone trying to find themself

Deleted the post above cuz it had some personal stuff that wasn’t for me to say (sorry Fea…)


oof about the second part- not everyone
this topic is very open and welcoming but they’re are Some People on some other websites that are Very Huge Gatekeepers and are Not Very Fun People to be around


Oh oof actually?
Well I’m glad this topic exists and everyone here is welcoming and not gatekeeping.


I love this to! That is why I’m an alley


I completely agree!

not sure straight stuff is okay to post on this topic but I have no idea where else to post it so sorry

this actually happened and I need advice on saying hi to someone and I know this sounds so pathetic
but I’m really shy and the circumstances I was in made me even more shy
okay so I may or may not have a crush that kid I attempted to say hi to
in other words I guess my vocal chords failed me
or my confidence did


sjkshldkfsk SORRY i didn’t mean for it to sound that way

what i’m saying is that people should express their gender any way you want not that there’s any appearance thats inherently ‘feminine’ or ‘masuline’ or anything else


It’s hard for me to fall for someone. But when I do, I fall into her deeply and wholeheartedly. Love is weird.


My school is so homophobic that you can’t express a tiny fraction yourself that differs from “the norm” without being laughed at and ridiculed. Don’t even get me started on the rumour system.


i don’t know. its just i think that it will give me peace once im clarified.


can u explain a bit? pls


Haha it’s fine.

But yeah, I agree with you on that


Ok @Petrichor dude, was that all neccesary at all?

I know something has gotten into you, why are you technically making fun of Fea?

I don’t ha.te you for this at all, i just wanna know why.

Maybe pm on inst why you did…?