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Don’t know why I’m asking this but I guess I just want to make myself feel better/right I guess (there’s a story behind this if anyone’s interested ig)

Is it okay to (purposefully)(repetively) misgender someone?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe/Depends
  • Other

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what’s the story i’m hungry for Tea


So basically I have a couple of Igbt friends at school (fearless included) and there are a couple of people that keep purposefully misgendering people. There’s a kid that transed and everyone keeps calling him her and whenever people try to stick up for him, they get called homophobic sIurs and stuff and it’s really annoying. Fea goes by they (irl and here) and in both places they keep being called she/he and it’s super annoying for them to experience and for people (at least me personally) to watch and I really h8 how people just brush it off like it’s nothing and like it’s okay and doesn’t matter.
There’s this one kid that keeps doing it, even after people tell the kid to not do it and even if your a cishet (hecc, even if you’re a homophobic cishet), (which I’m not but I’ve seen this happen before), the kid misgenders you and it’s just hhhhhh :///

^^ that was more like a rant but let’s call it a story ^^


@Petrichor why the yes?

Explain that maybe.,?


he’s trollin


Of course he is,

Fearless haisjk aksna mkag mjsoksînè?


Other: I just voted to see everyone else’s votes



Do you have an opinion as well or…? It’s fine if no


it’s only okay if like, theyre around transphobic family members and they ask you to for their own safety
any other time, no


Yeah that’s what I thought.

But I was more specifically referring to my school where people do it all the time and think that it’s okay and brush it off or just insult Igbt people more. And everyone agrees that that’s a giant no. Which is good


this is actually the first time in saying it, but wish i was a boy. but i feel like i can’t tell anyone at school because they would judge me and i wouldn’t be accepted…


"Aww yeah I kinda feel you…
If you open up a bit, people might accept you.
And it’s not really like you’re transing, it’s just you voicing a wish. Theres nothing there that’s people wouldn’t be willing to accept, I don’t think.

Maybe try telling a friend or two and see how they take it and then maybe eventually open up?

Idk that’s what I did with my flags (and kinda gender I guess?) and so far it’s been working fine"



thanks fea. i guess i would want to be tra.ns…? i don’t even really know i just hat.e being a she. i’d either want to be a he or a they. idek anymore… kids at my school accept this openly ga.y kid, but i don’t know how they’d feel about me…


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