A Coding Club and Safe Place 🏳️‍🌈



It still does i use it on a p regular basis


Alrighty I’ll join this one :))
Pronouns: he/them
Flags: Genderfluid, Aro/Ace (questioning on the most part for sexuality but other than that eh aro/ace works with me for now)


Woohoo! New LGBT topic! I hope I’m welcome here!

Pronoun: She/Her
Sexuality: Bisexual with a preference to boys
Romantic Attraction: Panromantic

I’m sure about my Panromanticism but I’m not extremely sure about my sexuality yet, so I’ll stick with Bisexual for now!


I honestly didn’t realize I was trans even though I had established I was genderfluid not too long ago :sweat_smile:


Yeah. Everyone is welcome!

I put you and Toxiccato in the flag and pronoun posts


Can you do the same pronouns and flag for me from last time


Could you repeat them once tho?
I don’t wanna accidently mess up


Yeah sure

Any pronoun works, they maybe is best
I’m probably genderfluid, pan & ace

I’m still kinda deciding


Yeah, I remember from going to genderqueer to male (it went back and forth w/ female) before I had come to the conclusion that I was genderfluid. It was really confusing for me.


If i had to be technical im still sorta closeted.

I havent told that many people (including my parents but they seem supportive) but a few know and i try to drop hints that im into girls.


and im honestly not sure if im gay or bi tbh


I’m openly ace. Only one of my friends know my gender and a few people might have picked up the hints I dropped about my other flags (not ace, the ro.man.tici.sm part). I’m closeted about that bit…

I will prob unnessecarily censor stuff bcuz I’d rather not have a bunch of pending posts


Hello, can u add me to the pronoun post? I’m she/her in case you’ve forgotten.

Keep me out of the flag post for now just cause I’m not too sure on that ;)


Of course!
I saw you typing and actually put that in the post, I just wanted you to confirm it tho :))
I’ll put in unknown as of now for your flags. When you figure it out, tag me and I’ll put it in :))


Coolio thanks :ok_hand:t3:

A horrible story/joke thing

When I play cards with anyone, I usually always always get 2-4 Aces in my hand. People keep asking me why that happens. Well, maybe the aces just like to hang out with other Aces?

Yes, I know that was horrible. That’s why it
a) said that in the folder title
b) was in a folder

I’ll just stop trying now


Yeehaw we are back in action! My Pronouns are she/her and flags are ace lesbian baby! Delighted to finally have an official topic again :)) :purple_heart::rainbow::blue_heart:


Yup. Thank Ana for that
I’ll add you in :))


Oh, add me in this one to, ace bi


Ooh could you add me
She/her and lesbian