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Hey Hopscotch.
This the the official L G B T Q+ Topic. Ana has given me official permission to make these topics. Here, you can share some L G B T Q+ related projects, or just come hang out. L G B T Q+ Community’s Members and Allies all welcome.


  • Do Not Flag
  • No Flame Wars
  • No Swearing
  • Do Not Change Anything (Title, Tags, Category). So, no lounging unless I ask you to
  • Respect EVERYONE
  • Use People’s Prefered Pronouns
  • Follow These Rules

I can understand it if you don’t support this, but please, instead of spamflagging or starting a flame war, go ahead and mute this topic. It is okay to peacefully discuss your opinions. If someone feels insulted or disrespected, however, I would kindly ask you apologize and maybe even to leave for a bit and keep the peace

The next post in this topic will have everyone’s preferred pronouns. The post after that will have their flags (I say flags instead of se.xuality for the sake of simplicity and not having to censor stuff)
These posts will not be wiki, so that people do not vandalize. Tag me with your pronouns and flags and I will add them in.

If you have any questions, tag me on my GT and I’ll answer them.

Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 18 [OFFICIAL]

Hopscotchers And Their Prefered Pronouns:

@FearlessPhoenix - They/Them
@AmiiboTrash - She/Her
@tankt2016 - She/Her
@poppy - He/Him
@PartTimeFemale - She/Her
@Toxiccato - He/Them
@ArtisticCoder - She/Her
@Autumn_Leaves - They/Them
@Madsie05 - She/Her
@ilovechickens - She/Her
@ChickenGirl - She/Her
@Grizzlyzoe - She/Her
@Kitty4U - They/Them
@ExquisiteSoup - She/Her
@Houseelf87 - She/Her
@A_Metalhead - He/They
@Petrichor - Anything (because his list is super long and I think this covers it?)


Hopscotchers and Their Flags:

@FearlessPhoenix - Ace (and otherwise closeted)
@AmiiboTrash - Bi
@tankt2016 - Straight Ally
@poppy - Bi
@PartTimeFemale - Trans Aro Les
@Toxiccato - Fluid Aro Ace (for now)
@ArtisticCoder - Panro Bi with a preference to boys
@Autumn_Leaves - Fluid Panro Ace
@Madsie05 - Unknown as of now
@ilovechickens - Ace Les
@ChickenGirl - Ace Bi
@Grizzlyzoe - Les (“a big gay”)
@Kitty4u - NB Aro Ace truscum
@ExquisiteSoup - Ally, Unknown as of now
@Houseelf87 - Queer/Questioning
@A_Metalhead - Closeted
@Petrichor - Straight Ally (because I am really not going to write “Texas”)

Proof that Ana approved this:


gloable edit?


they don’t want any vandalism



Oh nice

My pronouns are she/her and my flag is the bisexual flag


o i can’t read


That’s okay. Flags? Pronouns?




Yay, this finally went through!

If you want to put my pronouns (even though I’m not LGBTQ+), my pronouns are she/her.


Yeah. It’s a new topic tho.

Should I put your flag as a straight ally?


@poppy, you wanna join?


my pronouns are he/him
I’m bisexual


she/her trans, aro, lesbian


I guess?


Oh btw to say trans you put < these two arrows > between the word and you put a sentence or a letter in between it.

It works for me


Oh cool.
I thought that didn’t work anymore.


gay trans homosexual
testigng some stuff