A coders life game


I've been working this game ALL DAY! But it's worth it to see it finished!! It's a story of YOU! The coder! It also gives a good message about the forum at the end! Play it here! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y9etuknsl


This is such a cool project! The background is awesome, and the storyline is wondertastic! :smile:


Wow this is awesome!! Great job!


Thanks madi and dude73!


What do people think of this?!?!


@KayKay @Huggingfluffybear you guys liked it but didn't reply! What do you think of it? :open_mouth:


Haven't played it.

I just liked xD


Awesome game @Zachyswag!!


Can you play it? :wink: it's fun!


Not right now.


I don't have time really xD


It's a short game! Probably just less than a minute to play!



Tomorrow I will


That's ok! :wink:


I dunno I just like topic and read them and sometimes I don't reply
B I played it it's cool


Thanks! I hope it gets featured! My first anniversary is coming up in less than a month and I haven't ever gotten 1 feature!


What I'm saying is this would be my first!


I've been in for like two years and I've only gotten like one trending with more then sixty likes man
One popular trending in all TBH.


Awesome project!
I ended up with this though...

Thats not at all what happened


Ikr! You don't need vids to learn to code, I didn't. :wink:


Well, you have to lose somehow!