A clone is disappearing at the wrong time



So I’m making a project.
And my only clone in the game keeps disappearing.
3/5 times I tried it, it disappeared.
When does it disappear?

  1. Play the project. When you get to the tapper screen, tap on the character Mistle (aka my cheat cheat to getting the currency in the game) to get 300 PetCoins.
  2. Open the shop, buy a Small Cage, then a Large one. The large one should be white with a gray outline (the white part being a white clone on top of a gray rectangle), but often it’s just the gray rectangle that pops up.


^^^^not fixed XD


I am not on my iPad right now, but if this doesn´t get resolved until tomorrow (when I will be on my iPad again), I will check this.


Hmm that’s really odd.

I’m checking it out right now and I’ll tell you if I find anything.
If I do find it, I’ll fix it and then post a link here I guess


I’m not sure how to fix this.


It was a very simple fix. It should be good now.


you’re getting credit for this


Please don’t lounge this just in case someone else has this problem.


meant to put in deprecated but ok

(you know most it just seemed to be a trend to lounge resolved issues)


If you leaved them unlounged, people can search before they post.


I see most bug reports lounged when they are resolved since they are no longer relevant – I made that mistake with this Debug my Code topic when I should have only done it with a Bug with HS topic


Even bug topics should be left unlounged in case multiple people have the same bug even after THT releases an update.


Not when it’s solved completely – that is the point where nobody needs the topic.

Also, I’m not usually the one who lounges it