A Certain Hetalian is No Longer Drawing (on her HS app)



Title summarizes it. Below is an extended version and an explanation.

Hopscotch is a coding app designed for making games and cool projects, that thousands—if not tens-of-thousands—have downloaded and learned coding with.
Remember the olden days? With no community?
Remember the introduction of the rounded-rectangle coding blocks?

Remember the update that added Last Touch, and revolutionized so many projects?

The Hopscotch community adopted an art side, and that art side grew exponentially in popularity. Just look at Trending, and you'll see tons of art projects. People on the Forum have complained about art projects getting too many likes.

I got caught up in it, and I ended up becoming a mainly art-based account. I will admit that this phase was a major development for my art, and it is the only reason I continued with art, but, I did it on a coding app.

Especially since I now have much more access to the Forum, and that I doodle regularily, there is no more point in spending so much time on HS and struggling to draw with the chunky tools.

I have done some coding projects in my drafts, and I'm trying to get better at coding. A sort of "duh" moment. Using a coding app for coding.

To get back to the point, I don't think there's any more reason for me to continue drawing on Hopscotch.

So, be prepared for a whole lot more code-based projects from me, especially with music.

thanks for reading through this chunk of badly-written text ahaha—

I'll still be drawing on the Forum. Just no more art on Hopscotch.




I look forward to coded projects from you :D


But you were one of the hopscotchers who inspired me to draw!!!

Anyway, I can't wait to see your coding skills!


Ok, have fun! ;)



looking forward for some cool coded projects :))


Have fun coding @XiaoMiaoMi! :smiley: I hope you have fun coding! (Like everyone else says)


Okay ;-;
I can live with this, seeing as you're still posting art on the forum...
I look forwards to coded projects!




I'm glad you're trying something new–
I bet some non-forumers will be sad not to see any more art coming from you, though. it's so amazing ahhhh Maybe publish a project on your account saying exactly what you said up there^?
I hope you'll still post art on the forum ^^ Speaking of which, do you have an art tag list?
Back to the point, though, I'll be sad not to see any more of your art on HS ;-;






I'll look forward to seeing you code!
A drawing once in a while won't be bad though...


Ok, I respect your decision!
I'm looking forward to your coding projects!

You need to code something from Hetalia I swear—


Well, I hope to see really good music! There are not many music projects on Hopscotch anyway.


oh just you wait

I had coded, or begun to work on (before the school removed the app; I'm going to ask my teachers to put it on the self service again):

-- Pechka Light My Heart (Russia's character song)
-- I Am German-Made (Germany's character song)
-- Mein Gott (Prussia's character song)
-- Chibitalia Theme/Intro

-- italy's hair curl (varieties)
-- mochitalia (misc. countries)

But now I'm worried about my drafts staying there while the app is deleted.


HS was replaced by Swift Playgrounds on my school iPad.
Wonderful timing.

I'm going to ask my tech teacher of they can put HS back on the iPads.


You need some Hetalia to calm you down

I just learned that