A bug that really need to be fixed (random drawing spike glitch)


Ok I’m not gonna go off of the little “form” thing and just explain it. We all know what this bug is, and it’s been here for so long so let me explain…


If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s when using a drawing pad in hs, and a random skipe appears on the drawing pad. It’s kinda hard to explain so I’ll just show a picture.

So yeah this bug has been in hopscotch for as long as I can remember, and I thought that when I came back the bug would be gone but nope. :confused: I just think this bug has to finally be killed because it’s extremely annoying when I try to get my friends to try my programs.

Soo yeah @OMTL

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your press might be executing before your tap.


What does your code look like? I’ve used a number of drawing projects recently and haven’t experienced it.


In the code put when iPad is tapped set X position to last touch X and y position to last touch y!


This is weird, I hope that THT will fix this bug soon.


I haven’t had it unless I code it wrong. It should be:

When iPad is pressed
– draw a trail
-’-’- follow finger

When iPad is tapped
–set position last touch x last touch y


Hi @Zachyswag

It’s easier for THT to fix a potential bug if we can be very specific about it & if it’s repeatable.

  1. What device and app version of Hopscotch are you using?
  2. Could you give a link to your project that does this?


you got it in the wrong order. it should be

When ((iPad) is Tapped) Do
    Set Position to X (Last Touch X) Y (Last Touch Y)

When ((iPad) is Pressed) Do
    Draw Trail (Color) (Width)
        Set Position to X (Last Touch X) Y (Last Touch Y)


Ok so umm the order doesn’t matter because they are two different sets of code.
Anyways it is a major glitch with hopscotch itself it happens to many all over the world heck it even happens to me but it might be the device.


Actually, the order does matter.


if youve ever dealt with normal code, you would know that order does in fact matter.


I know the order matters in some code but if u have two different when’s then they both start when the when is done.


In Hopscotch, the creation Order of the when matters a lot.


Yatta yatta yatta. I don’t really care I was just offering my advice like a forumer SHOULD. Instead of repeatedly tell someone they r wrong.


Actually, one day thinking that the order doesn’t matter may make one of your projects more difficult.


I took a bunch of different coding classes I know what I’m saying. Because the when’s are different from each other means that when they happen it will do it as it was coded to. It won’t be broke. Do I need to show u?


Project One Tapped first
Project Two Pressed first
Nothing is different except for the order.


In certain scenarios, understanding that the creation Order of when’s matters is essential.