A bug in my Art Pad

Project link:

**I made an art pad a long time ago. It works great, but has a slight little issue:
Whenever I open the project, I cannot adjust the width as the arrows go missing. When I press restart, it shows up. This happens every time & I always have to restart it. Let me know if anyone else faces this or if it’s just me. Thanks.
Ira27 :t_rex::sauropod::paw_prints::two_hearts:™ **

Screenshots of code:


I think I have figured out where it went wrong:

I think you might need to add in a bit of text in the blank. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I hope this helped!


Thanks a lotttt Mouldy.C!


this thread is not active anymore @William04GamerA (i don’t know if i should say this but “clive”)

You can totally do that! It’s very helpful and helps us find old topics to close. Thank you! @Ira27 if this wasn’t solved or if you need more help, just reply to the Leaders Q and A topic, give me (or any other leader) a tag, and say that you want this topic reopened:)