A bug I encountered



This bug came up while I was working on a project:

I can go and edit Zombear's code, and edit the rule I am currently on, but I can't exit out of the rule. I don't know if anyone has had trouble with this before..


Yikes!!! This looks like one nasty bug! For now, you can double tap the home button and swipe up hopscotch out of the screen, then go back on.


this bug is happening to me too :unamused:


This happens with me too @Giraffedolphin26! And it gets anoyning!


That sometimes comes up on mine too! I usually fix it by tapping outside the rule (exiting it), then tapping another character. For me, Zombear's rule goes away after I do this. Hope it helps!


Hi @Giraffedolphin26! This happens to me too.

Projects that I make with dino seem to have this problem. I don't know whether the character dino is the cause or whether I was on the project alot, sorry. :yum::cat:


Hmm maybe exit and go in again? It happens to me too with the characters on the screen. It's pretty annoying