A bug I discovered



When I made my overflowing cauldron project last year, people remixed it. It didn't show that it was created by me.


I remixed a project from a deleted hopscotcher. It had the Halloween characters in it and I wanted them. This was before the HS Team had published the project with the Halloween characters in it.

I remixed my cauldron project again and still no name showed up. (I'm on Velveeta Keeta instead of Calico 2.0.

I think if you remix a project from a hopscotcher whose account has been deleted, no name will show up when you remix it. When people remix your remix, no name will pop up still.

Thanks. PSA for people who want to remix older projects from deleted accounts and don't want their remix stolen.

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That is really odd! I wonder.... :thinking:


Yes, usually for very old ones, but the code is often deleted all or parcially. Also, this may just be a glitch with that project.


This happened to me once. When I did one of the Hopscotch Team's extra challenges and someone remixed it, changing only one thing...the remix got on featured. :disappointed:


Welcome to the club. Back on Halloween someone remixed my project adding nothing and it got 104 likes and trending. Mine got on rising because it was a runner up for the Halloween contest.




Sometimes it was a remix but it doesn't show me...


You could email the Hopscotch Team