A bug found on the Hopscotch app, can THT fix this?


Hey guys,
I found a bug on the app:
Every time I get an Untitled draft and another one called "(null)".
I'll show you the picture how it looks later.
Please fix this THT.


So can you show the picture?


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Edit the bug into this topic, and i will emIl it to THT


The same happens to me!


Welcome to the Forum @CodingNewbie


Welcome to the Hopscotch Forum @CodingNewbie :D


This is how the bug looks:

The second draft has no name but it's called "null".


If you go into the untitled draft then go out then it should be gone and the null draft stays there until you log out and log in again


I've had this before! Best thing to do is tag @Liza or email them!


THT already knows about the bug