A Broken Christmas (A 15 Year Old's Diary)



Chapter 1
A tree branch outside was tapping on my window.
I remembered. I threw off my covers, and raced to my mom and dad's room. I glanced at the clock, 5:30!
I thought, walking backwards to my room. I grabbed my iPad and went onto Hopscotch, I had gotten so many Model Requests! I worked on my requests till the clock said 6:30. I ran back to my mom and dad's room, running into my sister in the hall. "Shhhhh!" She said. "Why??" I asked throwing my hands in the air and running down the hall.
Ugh! My sister thought.
"WAKE UP!!!" I screamed as soon as I entered my mom and dad's bedroom. But, nobody was there! Except our cat Snow.
Chapter 2
Where could they be? I wondered. "Pssst!!! Their downstairs!!" My sister, Lily said, pointing and laughing. We rushed downstairs quick. I tripped on my pajama pant leg and tumbled down the last six steps.
Ow I thought. Then the pain got worse. So much worse tears streamed from my eyes. "I-I-I think my leg is broken!" I stuttered because of the pain. "Hospital" my parents seemed to say with their eyes. And I'm pretty sure they did because my dad picked me up and carried me out to the car. The next thing I knew was that I was in a hospital with a red cast on my leg.
It doesn't hurt as much, but still, OW! I practically screamed in my head.
Chapter 3
I still lay in bed.
WHY WAS I RUNNING!!!! It was Christmas! I broke my leg on Christmas! No presents! No Christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner! Nothing for me! I had been screaming at myself for the two hours. My nurse walked into the door, she had pretty, curly brown hair and wore her nurse's uniform. "Hello Ms.Rose," she said to me. "How is your leg doing?" The look in her eyes told me she knew my leg wasn't much better. "Fine" I replied stiffly. The nurse walked out of the room not saying a word.
Chapter 4
Snow was falling outside, I knew Lily was probably playing in the snow. I sighed. Snow was my favorite part of Christmas time. And I missed my family, including Snow the white kitten.
A Week Later
"Rose you're doing much better" Dr.Bradley told me. "Your leg will be healed in one more week because the bone only cracked" I didn't understand how it was possible for my leg to just CRACK. It seemed very impossible.
Chapter 5
The Next Week
My cast had come off and I was riding back home in my dad's car. "How much did it hurt?" Lily asked me. "A lot" I replied, and it was true. Even when your leg is just cracked it still really hurts. "You can open your Christmas Presents when we get home, Rose" dad said. That really got my spirits up!
At Home
An American Girl doll! I got an American Girl doll! It was a look alike doll. The funny thing is, she came with a Get Well set! That had a green cast just like mine!
Happy Holidays!
**The End
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