A Bit of Computer Help!



Hello people who are reading this!

I'm turning my iPad in tomorrow and I can't publish any good projects because of broken Internet.

I really want a laptop, but I have no experience with laptops and I want one so I can access the forum easily over the summer, play Minecraft, and try new code!

Our current computer is a desktop and my brother and neighbor (who is like a brothers they are always at our house) use the computer a lot, and the computer is cluttered with junk!

Because this has to do with code, (I want to access the forum better and learn new coding languages on it), does anybody have suggestions? I was going to get a Chromebook, but I can't play Minecraft on it. Also, make sure it is a reasonable price. I have to pay for it myself, and I don't want to have suggestions for computers hundreds of dollars.

Thanks! :D


I would suggest Dell's Inspiron 11 3000 Series Non-Touch in either red or blue. Your choice. : D

The red costs about $179 while blue costs about $159.


Chromebooks can play Minecraft :>

You just need to hack it!

My Chromebooks model a tosiba Chromebook 2, AND ITS AWESOME,


Ok! Thank you! :D


Thanks for the advice! I'm too lazy to hack, although I know as a fact that chromebooks are good computers! :D


Well I did not really expect for you to "hack" a chromebook.

But since you could I really wanted one.

This is very helpful video but you might want some linux knowlage!


I don't even know what Linux is. :joy:


I use a dell windows 7 and a rasberry pi

My dell has Linux and I love it!

Windows is really hard so use Linux!


Faster fingers wow!!!!


Linux twinsys!


Sudo-ing everyday!

Well im not alone...


Linux is an open source operating system that has a ton of dis-


Ok ok! Its like windows but more open


Keep in mind your need to know a it about coding for Linux!

Sudo, ect.


Its not coding... Its commands

sudo startunity
if you know what I mean :>


I know Sudo but that's it!

I recently updated but yeah commands!


Don't know anything. Guess I'm not supposed to be here...

  • Chromebooks are cheap and light and fast, but, as many of you said.
  • The Raspberry Pi and Kano options are cool, because, well, they look computer-ish. If you like that aesthetic and simplicity, those are options. They are cheap but you'll need to hack a little bit here and there.
  • Dells are ugly, but they work like tanks. Also they're cheap to fix and easy to open.
  • I personally like Asus.
  • I want to buy a Lenovo, but just the ThinkPad model. Those are tanks. They're ugly, but vintage, so I would like to put a lot of stickers on one of those.
  • If you have a lots of money, buy Microsoft Surface Pro. Pretty rad: tablet and laptop in one. I want one.
  • I will personally stay away from HPs.


Are you looking for a laptop or a 2 in 1? I recently did some research on some laptops and 2-in-1s for a computer myself, so I may be able to help. I personally went with a 2-in-1, because while normally a laptop has more power and storage, a 2-in-1 has more portablility and options. I got the IRulu Walknbook 3, which is nice but I am planning to give it a RAM upgrade from 2 GB. You're probably going to want more than 2 GB of RAM too.


How about an Apple laptop? Those are pretty awesome, although a bit pricy.


The cheapest one I saw was like 900 dollars!!