A bit of a update


Hi guys so welcome to my update topic lol

So my inactivity has reasons

  1. G GO GO GO GO GO GO run away from the sharkbado xD

Ok so I have been very busy, I got back From vacation and going to a day trip next weekend and then going to NYC like a week the day trip lol

    Yeh I am not saying school is hard, I love school!
    BUT I have just been very busy I work till 2:00 P:M then activities

Also I get off early becuase we have are scedual I am homeschooled

Anyways yeh



That doesn't matter. You're a brilliant Hopscotcher and you don't have to be active to be one


Thank you! :slight_smile:


You're very welcome! Anytime


I agree with this! :smiley: