A attempt link. Will it work?


[dr](http://Draw your best hearts)https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xs47e2gzp

Sorry if this is bad. I have never done a link before. xD


Nope . Did not xD hhaha...


Did you copy and paste the link? :3


I don't think so... How do you do that?


Held down and highliht it, then hit copy :slight_smile: then paste it by holding down on the screen and hitting paste


Are you trying to paste a project's link? ^_^


Yes, I am doing that.


Just click the link button, which is next to the like button! It will automatically copy it, and that way you can paste the link! :D


how do I paste it? And get the link onto the forum?


So, press the link/chain button thats next to project hearts. Then go on the forum
1. If on computer do Control+V
2. If on Ipad, hold down on the screen until it shows options and press paste! :wink::smiley:


Use the chain button by the project


The forum uses Markdown, so try this!



Hope this helps! :smile:

:wink: (Winky face challenge)