9 year old club


Talk Harry Potter all you want and @friendship2468 and I will make. Agame or project on our acc, please if your not a nine year old have fun on it it is not a party but have. A little fun


I don't think this is a good idea. Its leaving us out, just because were not 9.

Thanks @PopTart0219!


Yay nine year old club! I was gonna make one but I forgot. Thanks!


Agreed. You shouldn't leave others out.


Nevertheless, us nine year olds get each other.


I said if your not 9 still have fun on it I just want to see who's nine but everyone have fun
What I said I just want to know who's nine BUT JOU CAN STILL BE PRAT
@PopTart0219 please open this


I am left out :pensive: (Not 9 years old)