9 ideas for HS!



So, I have some ideas for the next HS update.

#1: fill drawing block

(Ignore I forgot color in the drawing)
So basically, you enter a coordinate (which can be replaced with last touch, etc) and color, then when the block runs, it draws as big a shape as possible in the color you set starting from the coordinate you set (yknow, like how flood fill works). I think this would really improve drawing pads.
Speaking of drawing....

#1.5: drawing transparency
This would simply add a transparency factor to draw a trail blocks, so you could make a spraybrush tool (or whatever it's called).

#2: actual rainbow colored rainbow blocks
This idea is from @girlcode

#3: something to settle the RP conflict
RPs are highly controversial. We need to stop this conflict somehow. I don't know how, but somehow.

#4: set x position and set y position blocks
Ever want something x position without having to set a y position or vice versa? Ever tired of the hassle of self x position and self y position? Well this block is for you! hmm.... Maybe I should go into advertising......

#5: less clone lag
You gotta admit, clones are just WAY too laggy.

#6: turn toward
Sometimes it's just too difficult to code an object to point at another object...

#7: more "set" blocks
Sure, there's a set text block. But is there a set character block?
How about a set image block?

#8: ideas for more characters
Here's some ideas for more HS characters.

Dog/wolf/fox character:
We NEED one of these. We also need a cat character.

A si-fi type spaceship.

I'm still coming up with these, I'll put more later.

#9: :star:️import sounds
There should be a subscriber-only feature to import sounds.

Hope you take some of these into concideration!
@liza @rodrigo


What about multiplayer?


Well, multiplayer and projects that keep running after you exit them probably won't be coming anytime soon, I just added stuff I thought could come in the next update or two


:clap::clap::clap::+1::+1::+1: Great topic!


Actually, I see no use for a

But that's just my opinion.

That would probably be to difficult to moderate.


But sometimes you just want to have a dog in your game.
And sounds would have to be approved like images but by people


I'm outta likes


Great ideas tho!!!


Then make a dog.
Exactly. Still difficult to moderate.


Oh wow, this are all very interesting ideas. I have opinion for some of those:
1. This is very interesting. I think it would be cool to have some kind of eraser or transparency. I've thought about this a lot, how to cover objects. I think it's relatively hard, so it won't be here any time soon.

  1. What's RP?

  2. This goes deeper than just adding a feature.

  3. You can do this, just track a position. Also, you're asuming objects have a "front side".

  4. We already have one of this on a beta :wink:

  5. Maybe.

  6. Maybe.


An RP is Role Playing
It's when our fellow hopscotchers write stories and add new story lines remixing them back and forth


The full block is awesome!
Instead of just one point, it should do multiple points so it has a shape to fill and there be a button to add more points


They are "Texting" projects or theater-like story projects. All text on the project.
Probably no code except Shrink by 50 percent XD


You can edit your ideas into this! :wink:


Great ideas! And thank you so much for saying mine too :grinning: