9 hours no talking?


I send messages on he a bit right? But every lets say 15 posts it comes up saying "you have to wait 9 hours until you can talk next!" WHAT!!?? I need to answer questions and stuff like that plus 9 HOURS!! Seriously! I hope you know what's happening and if you do or you can fix it PLEASE reply (I may not be able to say something back)


It's because you're a Basic and the forum can't trust you yet. Just be on regularly and it won't happen.


Ov Because You Joined 1 Day Ago.


I posted a bunch of stuff when I was a member!


Oh well your basic! You will soon be member!


Ya! This is my 50th day on the forum and now I'm a regular :D.


And welcome to the forum!


Finally I thought it was a bug cause you were a member! And I thought you should be regular!




What I meen is it said you were a member and I was like he should be regular he is helpful and awesome! Anyways back on topic!


Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!


Thanks Huggingfluffybear!:relaxed:


@Puppylover111 If you want to attract someone's attention, like when you said...

...Put an '@' symbol before their name, like I did for you. In the preview, the name should go grey. When you do this, they'll get a message so they know that you want they're attention.


Thanks! I'll do that next time


No problem @Puppylover111!


What I thought it's a hundred days!


Well, the admins can change the time, and I think they changed it to fifty