9/11 Tribute Projects. ;n;


9/11's 15 year anniversary is on Sunday. ;-; It was a tragic day in history, and it affected lots of people. But, we can focus on the good, and make projects honoring those who lost their lives trying to help, and their friends and families. ;-;
(@HappyDolphin, I did not steal your idea, I just want to make a tribute.)

.,........ okay then
.,........ okay then

@Liza this is a perfect idea! We need to raise awareness


Kind of off topic but my dad was at the WTC when it happend. (I don't know why he was there because we don't even live close to that)


Good idea! It's a pretty big deal in the city, lots of flags, and the world trade memorial thing is really sad and full of memories. I wasn't alive when it happened, but I used to be scared something would happen again.

It's just so sad. My heart really goes out to the people who are really grieving, and in praying for them.


My mother was stuck in 3 hours of traffic because she was about half a mile away from it! She says the traffic was horrendous. I will make a project about it!


Oh my, that must have been so chaotic.

My mom said she could hear fighter jets flying over our building. So scary.

You know who I really respect? Those firefighters and policemen and even pedestrians rushing into the building to save people. Like, that's just so amazing, I can't even explain.

Law officers get bad reputations these days, and sure some of them are bad. But look at some of these guys. About as courageous as you can get.


Its so sad! I will try to make a project! Don't procrastinate EP125, don't procrastinate.


Sure. I will help. But i have a scholarship exam on Sunday.


9/11 is really sad…
Two buildings attacked by terrorists…


When I think about firefighters and police officers who lost thier lives I just don't know how much to thank them for thier help


Wait THT lives in nyc .-.


I was going to write a long story about 9/11, but instead im going to post a project.



Wait whaa... are you talking about twin towers? Wasn't that on the 1st?


It happened on 9/11. ;-;


OOOHHHH it was September 11, 2001. I will make a project. So sad.


That was sad :frowning:
it was on my dad's birthday




My dad works at a big company and he was at work when it happened and they thought where he worked was a ptential target so they evacuated everyone. My mom was pregnant with my older sister at the time, so I didn't even exist yet. XP


I always feel leike earliest memories had been wiped off…



So sad :frowning: 9/11 was a sad day that will go down in history..


I don't have an iPad or an iPhone.

So no project :cry: