80+ Colors Art Pad HELP!



@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf @OrangeScent1 @Bananadog Hey guys! I need some help on an art pad I started on and account called xIceHuggy♢ (I was stuck in the filter :stuck_out_tongue:). Credit will be given to those who help! I need help adding shades and colors, brushes like air brush, fuzzy draw, pencil, crayon, special changing colors, and more. Please reply if you would like to help!


I would love to help you, but I'm super busy and I'm also working on projects. If you ever need any help, feel free to ask me! :slightly_smiling:


Alright, awesome! I'll let you work on those, as I read your other topic. I hope everything goes well!


I could help. Right now I'm doing a collab with @Bananadog


Thanks! Good luck on the draw pad!
My friends made an awesome poster for me!


Could I help, I made my own drawing pad and helped make one!!
And if u need help just ask me or Lazy Lizard!!


Wow! Yes, that would be awesome! @RubyWolf1, that would rock.


Yay! What would you want me to do?


Maybe add some models and any shades we need?


Tea models would be incredible, same with some green and gray and white cats. Let's stick with cats.


Ok I'll do it after school (in about 6-7 hours) :wink:


Can I join this collab?


I would like to!!!!!!!


Yup! It's posted on my account. Tell me what you want to add! If you have any ideas, that'd be AWESOMEFAB, make sure to add youurself in the credits!


I could add some HSB


Awesome! Go to xIceHuggy or ChiTea for the pad!


I can help, what should I help with :smile:


whatever you want! Brushes, etc.


Okay, add a rainbow draw! It looks really nice and people will like jt!
Also, some good colors are the white to red, white to blue, white to green, black to red, black to blue, black to green, scale. Lots of people like shading, right? So adding those colors would be really good for drawing!


Awesome! Thanks a million!