7 second challenge collab thingy



So I just got the 7 second challenge app and I thought it would be cool to do that on hopscotch if it is possible. So this is a collab so it would be awesome!
Just answer these questions.
How long have you been on hopscotch?
What is your hopscotch username?
I have no idea if this will work (and I'm not a really good coder). If it's made there will be credits. So yeahhhh.... :D


There won't be a collab account because I can't log out.


why not? did you forget your password or something


Yeah I might remember it but I don't want to risk it.


Try emailing the Hopscotch team? I guess you didn't link an email to it


I'll try to fix it... Yeah. x3


Does anyone want to join???


Ok... Um.... ._________.