64 Disk, tower of Hanoi impossible game to solve


To highlight this, consider the following. According to one legend, there is a room in the Hindu temple of Kashi Vishwanath in India with three rods and 64 golden discs, said to be moved by Brahmin priests according to the rules of this puzzle. (This is a possible explanation for the name ‘Tower of Brahma’.) Let’s assume we were to move these 64 discs at a rate of one disc per second, and by applying very high intelligence, we were to ensure that the smallest number of moves is required. It would still take 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 turns or 585 billion years—some 40 times longer than the assumed evolutionary age of the whole universe!

If someone make this game on Hopscotch it would take over 585 billion years to solve.
So anyone interested in making this can call it "The Infinitely impossible Game"


interesting... though someone can hack(which im new to doing) hopscotch to speed it up and have a bot solve it for them.


For me, it would take about 10 times the amount of time (what?) to solve 0.o